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!Please note that lines, you will see here, may be grammatically incorrect and should not be taken as the reference for correctness.!



This page exists to archive all the Na'vi spoken words from the movie Avatar that the community has transcribed/translated, and also serve as a placeholder for those we haven't.

Nobody knows for sure what was said, and these are just our best guesses, and they might be wrong, and the actors or characters may have said things badly anyway.

Do not take anything here as being correct Na'vi!

Grace and Norm in the Link room

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Na'vi: 'Awvea ultxari ohengeyä, Nawma Sa'nok lrrtok siveiyi.
English: May the Great Mother smile upon our first meeting.

(Grace) [1]

Na'vi: Tsun tivam. Aylì'u ngian nì'it skepek lu.
Subtitle: Not bad. You still sound a bit too formal though.

(Norm) see this for the grammar of zìsìto amrr.

Na'vi: Zìsìto amrr ftolia ohe, slä zene fko nivume nìtxan.
Subtitle: I studied for five years but there is much to learn.

Neytiri and viperwolf

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(Neytiri noticing the fire)

Na'vi: Fayvrrtep!
English: These Demons!

(Neytiri throwing torch into water)

Na'vi: Faysawtute!
English: These sky people!

(Neytiri crouched over Viperwolf)

Na'vi: Oeru txoa livu. Ma oeyä tsmukan, ma oeyä tsmukan.
English: Forgive me. My brother, my brother.
Na'vi: Oeru txoa livu, ma oeyä tsmukan. Hu nawma sa'nok tivul ngeyä tirea. Oeru txoa livu.
English: Forgive me, my brother. May your spirit run with the Great Mother. Forgive me.

Neytiri talking to Jake

(Neytiri sighing)

Na'vi: (sigh) Faysawtute!
English: (sigh) These sky people!

(Neytiri to Jake)

Na'vi: Kehe, go back!
English: No, go back!
Na'vi: Ftang nga!
English: Stop that!
Na'vi: Rutxe. (No! in english)
English: Please.  No!
Na'vi: Atokirina’! Atokirina’!
English: Seeds of the great tree!
Na'vi: (dialog in English) (very quiet) Aungia.
English: [...] A sign.

Neytiri talking to Tsu'tey



Na'vi: Mawey, na'viya. Mawey.
English: Calm, people, calm.

(Neytiri to Tsu'tey)

Na'vi: Ma Tsu'tey! Kempe si nga?
English: What are you doing, Tsu'tey?

(Tsu'tey to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Fayvrrtep fìtsenge lu kxanì!
English: These demons are forbidden here!

(Neytiri to Tsu'tey)

Na'vi: Aungia lolu! Tsahìkur txele lu!
English: There has been a sign! This is a matter for the Tsahìk!


Na'vi: Pot zamunge!
English: Bring him!


Na'vi: Makto ko!
English: Let's ride!

Scene in Hometree

(Mo'at, Eytukan, Neytiri, Tsu'tey)


Pot lonu.
Release him.

(Neytiri, to Eytukan)

Na'vi: Ma sempul, oel ngati kameie.
English: Father, I see you.

(Eytukan, to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Fìswiräti, ngal pelun molunge fìtsenge?
English: This creature, why did you bring him here?

(Neytiri, to Eytukan)

Na'vi: Oel pot tspìmìyang, tsakrr za'u aungia ta eywa.
English: I was going to kill him, but there was a sign from Eywa.

(Eytukan, to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Poltxe oe, san zene kea uniltìranyu, ke ziva'u fìtseng.
English: I have said: “No dreamwalker must not come to this place.”

(Eytukan, to Neytiri)

Na'vi: ((ketepeu)), fahew akewong.
English: His alien smell fills my nose.

(Tsu'tey to Jake)

Na'vi: Saa!
English: [Angry snarl]

(Neytiri, to Jake)

Na'vi: Kehe!
English: No!


Na'vi: Tsaswiräti lonu!
English: Release this creature!


Na'vi: Aynga neto rivikx!
English: Step back!


Na'vi: Fìketuwongti oel stìyeftxaw.
English: I will look at this alien.


Na'vi: Tsamsiyu pak?
English: A warrior?


Na'vi: Pot tsun oe tspivang nìftue.
English: I could kill him easily!


Na'vi: Kehe!
English: No!


Na'vi: Fìpo lu 'awve, uniltìranyu-tsamsiyu, a tsole'a ayoengal.
English: This is the first warrior dreamwalker we have seen.


Na'vi: Pori awngaru lu tìkin, a nume nì’ul.
English: We need to learn more about him.




Na'vi: Ma ’ite, awngeyä fya’ori zene nga sänume sivi poru...
English: My daughter, you will teach him our way...


Na'vi: ...fte tsivun pilvlltxe sì tivìran na ayoeng.
English: speak and walk as we do.


Na'vi: Oeru pelun? Ke lu muiä.
English: Why me? That's not fair.


Na'vi: Fkol pole'un fì'ut
English: This has been agreed.


Na'vi: Wiya!
English: Dammit!

Wutso in Hometree

(Mo'at, Eytukan, Neytiri)

Special edition

(Random Na'vi)

Na'vi: Yom wutsot
English: Eat (your) meal


Na'vi: Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite

Deleted scene


Na'vi: Fayhetuwong fmi Na'vina livam
English: These aliens try to look like people...

Na'vi: Slä ke tsun
English: But they can't.


Na'vi: (?) oeru po snumìna latsam
English: He seems dim to me.

Na'vi: Peyä menarisì nìhawng lu hì'i
English: And his eyes are too small.

With Direhorse

(Neytiri to direhorse)

Na'vi: Sìltsan. (a few times)
English: Good.

(Tsu'tey to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Fìketuwong ke nayume ke'ut.
English: This alien will learn nothing.

(Tsu'tey to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Nì'ul kame tskxe. Poru tìng nari.
English: A rock sees more.  Look at him.



Neytiri shows off her Ikran

(Neytiri to Seze)

Na'vi: Tam tam, Seze
English: Okay okay, Seze

Becoming one with Neytiri (multiple scenes)

(Neytiri teaching Jake)

Na'vi: ...ontu, mikyun, nari. (repeating nari)
English: ...nose, ear, eye.

(Neytiri to Jake holding bow)

Na'vi: Txur nì'ul.
English: Stronger.

(Neytiri to Jake)

Na'vi: Skxawng.
English: Moron.

(Jake to Norm in the Shack)

Na'vi: Oel ngati kame.
English: I see you.

Grace in the Village

(Grace, to children)

Na'vi: Kaltxì ma evi.
English: Hello, children.
Na'vi: Tsawl nìtxan nang.
English: Look how big you are.
Na'vi: Sevin nìtxan lu aynga nang.
English: You are all so pretty.

Jake's final kill


(Jake, to dead Hexapede)

Na'vi: Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmukan, ulte ngaru seiyi irayo. 
English: I See you, Brother, and thank you.
Na'vi: Ngari hu eywa salew tirea,
English: Your spirit goes with Eywa,
Na'vi: tokx 'ì'awn
English: your body stays behind
Na'vi: slu Na'viyä hapxì.
English: to become part of the People.


Discussion here

(Tsu'tey, to two young hunters)

Na'vi: Za'u! source
English: Come!

(Tsu'tey, to group)

Na'vi: Oehu.
English: with me

(Tsu'tey, to group)

Na'vi: Latsi!
English: Keep up!

(Tsu'tey jumps onto the vine)

Na'vi: Kivä ko!
English: Let's go!

(Neytiri, to Tsu'tey)

Na'vi: Mengati kame.
English: (I) see you both

(Tsu'tey, to Jake, mocking) discussion

Na'vi: Tsamsiyu! Txopu rä’ä si! Tsamsiyu!  
English: Warrior, don't be scared, warrior!  

(Tsu'tey, to Jake) discussion

Na'vi: Tsakem rä'ä si!
English: Don't do that!

(Tsu'tey, to group, mocking Jake) discussion

Na'vi: Tìyerkup skxawng.
English: That moron's going to die.

(Neytiri, to Jake)

Na'vi: Tsaheylu Jake, tsaheylu! Srane.
English: The bond Jake, the bond! Yes.

(Tsu'tey, to group of Na'vi)

Na'vi: Oìss!
English: "You're pissing me off!"

Becoming one of the Na'vi

(Eytukan, to Jake)

Na'vi: Ngenga 'itan omatikayaä luyu set. Na'viyä luyu hapxì.
English: You are now a son of the Omaticaya. You are part of The People.

Preparing the war party


Na'vi: Tsampongut Tsu’teyìl iveyk.
English: Tsu'tey will lead the war party.


Na'vi: Ftang! Rutxe! Fìkem nì'ul kawng sìyi nì'aw.
English: Stop! Please! This will only make it worse.


Na'vi: Foti awngal tìyakuk, mì te'lan!
English: We will strike them in the heart!

(Neytiri to Tsu'tey)

Na'vi: Kehe! Tsu'tey! Rä'ä si!
English: No! Tsu'tey! Don't do (this)!

(Neytiri to Tsu'tey)

Na'vi: Ftang nga!
English: You stop!


Lu aylì'u ngaru, ayngaru nìwotx.
I have something to say, to all of you.

Tsu'tey attacks Jake


Na'vi: Tse'a srak?
English: You see?
Na'vi: Fìpo lu vrrtep a mì sokx atsleng!
English: It is a demon in a false body!
zenke rivey!
he must not live!

Jake back at hometree

(Eytukan, in background as Jake links in)

Na'vi: ?? ayoeng, ke tivung...
English: ?? we, not allow


Na'vi: Ma sempul, ma sa’nok!
English: Father, Mother!


Na'vi: Ma Eytukan, lu oeru aylì'u frapor
English: Eytukan, I have something to say, [to everyone].


Na'vi: Tìng mikyun! (poorly pronounced)
English: Listen!


Na'vi: Pivlltxe, ma Jakesully.
English: Speak, Jakesully.


Na'vi: Eo ayoeng lu txana tìkawng.
English: A great evil is upon us.
Na'vi: Tawtute zera'u
English: The Sky People are coming
Na'vi: fte fol Kelutralti skiva'a. Skiva'a!
English: to destroy Hometree. Destroy!




Na'vi: pìyate fìtseng ye'rìn. ("pìyähem" per script. sounds like [pìyata]; may be ZS's word 'pate')
English: They will be here soon.

Jake, honest about betrayal


Na'vi: Kawkrr! Ke slayu nga Na'viyä hapxì!
English: You will not become part of the Na'vi!


Na'vi: Kawkrr Na'viyä Kawkrr!
English: Never of The People, Never!


ma 'ite
My daughter.

Attack on hometree


Na'vi: Mefoti yìm.
English: Bind them.


Na'vi: Ma Eytukan, ngati 'eko.
English: Eytukan, they're attacking you.


English: Run!


Na'vi: Ayngari zene hivum!
English: Leave now!


Na'vi: Txopu rä'ä si! Txopu rä'ä si!
English: Have no fear! Have no fear!


Na'vi: Ikranti makto, 'eko ta'em.
English: Take the Ikran. Attack from above.


Na'vi: Kä! Kä!
English: Go! Go!


Na'vi: Frapo ne wrrpa! (hard to hear clearly)
English: Everyone to the forest!

(Eytukan to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Set hivum!
English: Leave now!

(Neytiri to Eytukan)

Na'vi: Kehe!  Kehe ma sempul.
English: No! No father.

(Eytukan to Neytiri)

Na'vi: Kä Kä KÄ!
English: go go GO!

Eytukan's Death


Na'vi: ma sempul. ma sempul. ngati oel kin
English: Father. Father. I need you(?)


Na'vi: Ma 'ite, tskoti munge. Omatikaeru tìhawnu sivi.
English: Daughter, take my bow. Protect the people.


Na'vi: Ma Sempul. 
English: Father.

Toruk Makto


Na'vi: Toruk Makto?
English: Rider of last shadow?


Na'vi: Ma Tsu'tey te Rongloa, Ateyo'itan.
English: Tsu'tey of the Rongtoa, son of Ateyo.
Na'vi: eo ngenga kllkxem ohe,
English: I stand before you,
Na'vi: alaksi Omatikayaru, kìte’e sivi.
English: ready to serve the Omaticaya people.

Grace and the Eye of Eywa

(Mo'at) discussion

Na'vi: tìng mikyun ayoer rutxe, ma nawma sa'nok.
English: Hear us please, All Mother.


Na'vi: srung si poeru ma Eywa.
English: Eywa, help her.


Na'vi: pori tireati, munge mì nga
English: Take this spirit into you
Na'vi: ulte tìng ayoer nì'eyng hu ngeyä ya
English: and breathe her back to us
Na'vi: tivìran po ayoekip
English: Let her walk among us.
Na'vi: na Na'viyä hapxì
English: as one of The People.
Na'vi: Eo Eywa oe 'ia.
English: I lose myself before Eywa
Na'vi: Lu hasey! source
English: It is finished!

Jake's speech


Na'vi: fpole’ sawtutel ’upxaret
English: The sky people have sent us a message

Na'vi: ayoeri tsat new
English: that they can take whatever they want

Na'vi: tsun mivunge.
English: and no one can stop them.

Na'vi: slä awngal 'upxaret fpìye' for.
English: But we will send them a message.

Na'vi: kämakto nìwin, ayngati spivule hufwel
English: You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you.

Na'vi: ayolo'ru alahe peng ziva'u.
English: You tell the other clans to come.

Na'vi: for peng syeraw Toruk Makto
English: Tell them Toruk Makto calls to them.

Na'vi: tswayon set oehu
English: You fly now, with me

Na'vi: ma smukan, ma smuke!
English: my brothers, my sisters!

Na'vi: sawtuter wìyìntxu ayoeng
English: and we will show the Sky People

Na'vi: ke tsun fo fìkem sivi
English: that they cannot take whatever they want.

Na'vi: fìtsenge... l(u) awngeyä!
English: And that this... this is our land!"

Recruiting the Clans



Na'vi: 'eko! 'eko!
English: Attack!  Attack!

Out of Air


Na'vi: Jake! Ma Jake!
English: Jake! Jake!



ma sa'nok


lu hasey
It is finished.
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