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The Na'vi language canon is the complete collection of information about the Na'vi language provided by authoritative sources, namely Paul Frommer and the creators of Avatar (James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox).

The canon comprises two things:

  • words and phrases spoken or written in Na'vi
  • descriptions of the linguistic elements of Na'vi such as orthography, morphology, syntax, and grammar

The Na'vi words and phrases from canonical sources are presented or linked to on the Corpus page (where copyright allows). Documentation, explanation, and analysis of Na'vi linguistics are presented on other Learn Na'vi wiki pages (Phonology, Morphology, Grammar, etc.). This page serves to document the canonical sources themselves. The majority of the examples on this page come from email correspondances with Frommer.

This page includes information from the year 2015. To access past information please see:

"teach" and "insult"

Reported by Plumps in this forum post, Dec 15 2015.

Email from Frommer to Plumps:

As for the canonical examples for sänume si and zoplo si, the one for sänume si is totally accurate. The example for zoplo si needs a slight adjustment. It's just:
. . . fte po kelkur zoplo sivi sìk.
I didn't have the fì- on kelkur, and there's no ke before the verb. The original English that I had to translate into Na'vi was: "I have said no dreamwalker will come here to offend our home!" Your Na'vi makes sense, of course, but from a slightly different angle: "No dreamwalker will come here, so as not to offend our home!" Although now I guess that should be fteke, right?

The line for sänume si I gave was:

Ma ’ite, awngeyä fya’ori zene nga sänume sivi poru fte tsivun pivlltxe sì tivìran nìayoeng.
My daughter, you will teach him our way to speak and walk as we do.

from the movie line page

So the line from the pseudo-canon bit should be:

Poltxe oe san zene kea uniltìranyu ke ziva’u fìtseng fte po kelkur zoplo sivi sìk.
I have said no dreamwalker will come here to offend our home!