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What are in English prepositions in Na'vi are adpositions. These words may come either before or after the word they go with. When they follow they are enclitic, that is, they lose their own accent and are written attached to the word they go with (either mì na'rìng or na'rìngmì). A few of the adpositions will cause lenition in the following word when then precede but not when enclitic. So, ro helku but kelkuro.

äo below
eo before, in front of (place)
fa with (by means of)
fkip up among
fpi len. for (the benefit or sake of)
ftu from (direction)
hu with (accompaniment)
io above
ì len. (also: ì) by, via, following
ka across
kip among
kxamlä through (via the middle of)
lok close to
maw after (time)
len. in
mìkam between
mungwrr except
na like, as
ne to (direction)
nemfa into
pxaw around
pxel like, as
ro len. at (locative only)
sìn on
sre len. before (time)
ta from (various uses)
takip from among
teri about, concerning
uo behind
vay up to
luke without
tafkip from up among
len. against (as in: fight against)