Hunting Song

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Terìran ayoe ayngane
Rerol ayoe ayngane
Ha ftxey
Awpot set ftxey ayngal a lu ayngakip
Awpot a Na'viru yomtìyìng.
We are walking your way
We are coming
We are singing your way
So choose
Choose one among you
Who will feed the People.
Oeyä swizaw nìngay tivakuk
Oeyä tukrul txe'lanit tivakuk
Oeri tìngayìl txe'lanit tivakuk
Oeyä txe'lan livu ngay.
Let my arrow strike true
Let my spear strike the heart
Let the truth strike my heart
Let my heart be true.
Lu nga win sì txur
Lu nga txantslusam
Livu win sì txur oe zene
Ha nì'aw
Pxan livu txo nì'aw oe ngari
Tsakrr nga Na'viru yomtìyìng.
You are fast and strong
You are wise
I must be fast and strong
So only
Only if I am worthy of you
Will you feed the People
Repeat Chorus