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Lexical Expansion Project

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miss (C)

He shot the arrow but missed the target.

saddle (B)

For riding ikran.

basket (A)

woven container
We know the Na'vi weave, and baskets are mentioned in the ASG.

knot (n. vtr. and derivations) (B)

stretch, pull (A)

I will stretch the cord onto the bow.

pull out, extract, remove (from enclosure, entrapment etc.) (vtr.) (A)

She pulled the arrow out of the hexapede.
We were pulling out the roots.
This focuses more on extraction than the movement (vs. za'ärìp "pull").

chip (v.) (B)

chip away at, slowly break or crack
I chipped away at the stone until it was a nice (something).
My spearhead chipped when I killed the sturmbeest.

shatter (B)

smash into many pieces
The pot shattered when it fell.

break (v.) (B)

make unusable
He dry-fired my bow and it broke.
I will break your arm, bastard!

break (v.) (C)

break spirit or domesticate
break a horse
I will not let the enemy break me

repair, mend, fix (A)

The bow was not really too broken, and she repaired it in a day.

lift spirits, increase morale, comfort or heal depression (B)

My friends comforted me when my grandmother died.

muscle, force (v.) (B)

indimidate through physical threat or otherwise cause someone to do something against their will
He forced his way through the door.
They tried to block her path but she muscled through them both.

squeeze (B)

pinch or compress
To get the juice from the fruit you have to squeeze it hard.
She pinched my lovehandles and startled me.

embrace (B)

hold or hug
Mother gives the biggest hugs.
I embraced her as she died.

tool, utensil (A)

While useful as a generic term, it would also be a great help in naming specific tools.

rope (B)

belt, strap (B)

mimic, imitate (C)

The hunter imitates the call of the animal.

musical instrument (B)

There may not be a generic word for this, but instead separate words for wind vs. stringed, say.

carve, incise (C)

We will carve out your bow later.
She carved a pattern into the cup.

back into shape, back into condition (C)

indicating that the core action is done to bring something back into a preferred or original state
Klingon verb suffix {-Ha'}: {jotlh} "take down", {jotlhHa'} "put back up"; {boq} "ally with", {boqHa'} "separate from"

offer (v. and n.) (A)

I offer my help
This is a good offer

feel (A)

examine by touch
I felt the soft fabric
He felt the scars on his arm with his hand
distinct from 'ampi?

hit (v.) (A)

a broad, less specific term for using the body or a body part to physically impact something else

use the tail (A)

in various ways; different words?

steal (B)

Not necessarily implying doing something unlawful (perhaps they should have two words with one for this) but rather implying taking something without asking for it or without the foreknowledge of the owner.

talent, skill (B)

play music (A)

pamtseo si?

draw, paint (art) (A)

distinct words regarding body paint for rituals, war etc.?

control (n. or v.) (B)

job, task, mission (A)

impede (C)

survive (A)

stable, reliable (B)

of a branch, ledge etc.

be in a good position to grab (B)

hide (v.) (A)

something or oneself

get entangled (B)

His ikran got entangled in the vines.

avoid (B)

Avoid the sky people!
Yerik knows to avoid predators.

divide, portion out (B)

We will divide the yerik meat among the clan.

apply, put onto a surface (A)

Put the poison on the arrow.
It'll stick when I apply the medicine.

handle, deal with, attend to (A)

Why do I have to deal with this skxawng?
We'll deal with the sky people soon.

loom (A)

since weaving is that important to the Na'vi, there must be a term for this device, although it may look very different from earthly ones.

spinning, yarn (v and n) (A)

since they weave using threads, they must get them somehow

practice (v and n) (A)

In order to get an experienced hunter, you need much practice.
Jake practiced to ride his pa'li.

roll (B)

turn over and over
move like a ball

rub (B)

move something over the surface of another thing

slide (B)

move smoothly over a surface

scrape (B)

pulling an object over another object, often forcefully
He scraped his knee when he tripped on the rock

point (v.) (A)

aim one's finger toward
aim in general

pour (A)

cause to flow

collapse (v.) (B)

fall down or inward suddenly
break down or fail suddenly in strength, health or power

load (v. and n.) (B)

put objects on or into a container (verb)
that which is carried (noun)

store, keep (A)

put away for future use

rip (B)

tear, rend

bundle (n. or v.) (B)

small (portable) collection of similar objects
make a bundle

fold (v.) (C)

clean (v.) (A)

distinct from yur?

excite (B)

"to energize and increase movement"

foresee, predict, expect, anticipate (A)

We expect them to be here soon.

organize, put in order (B)

"make order of a situation"

edge, rim (B)

the end of a plane, the sharp part of a knife

master (n) (B)

someone, who devoted his life to e. g. weaving, and was able to acchieve a extraordinary level of perfection admired by the rest of the people; maybe related to "karyu", but not necessary connected to it.

support, hold up, maintain (C)

A rope holds up my hammock.
That branch won't support an ikran!

restrain, hold back (C)

We have to hold back the ikran from eating clumsy sky people.
Keep the prisoners away from the clan leader!

result, outcome (C)

That was not a happy outcome.
Will that result be good for us?

disappear (C)

The viperwolf pack disappeared down a ravine.

affix (v), attach (C)

Here, attach these feathers to your hair.
Use cooked tree sap to affix the insect wings to your headgear.

react (C)

They didn't react when they heard about Hometree.
Sky people react quickly when they see a knife.

arrange, order (put in order) (C)

Get these threads in order, so we can start weaving.
Thinking of Gk. tássō here, which gives us "tactics, syntax, taxonomy, etc."

net (C)

We catch fish with nets we make from this plant.
Kashaya has a verb prefix just to indicate actions done with nets and meshes.

hang (C)

Hang your bow up over there.
That fruit is hanging up too high.
Animacy distinction, a person hanging from a branch vs. hanging up a tool?

handle (n) (C)

I still need to put the handle on this basket.

depend on, be contingent upon (C)

datum, data, information (C)

fmawn that has been verified/accepted as true/relied on as fact

resource (C)

"the bounty of the natural world"

factor (C)

aspect of influence, related element, causal constituent, 要因・素因

kindling, firewood (C)

The wood of this tree is excellent for starting fires.

method (C)

The Plains Tribes have very different methods of making bug-lamps than we do.
His method was clumsy and he wasted a lot of time.
There are three methods mothers commonly use to deal with misbehaving children.
If different from just fya'o.

detail (C)

There were far too many details to be dealt with in one day.
How can you call this a 'plan', when you don't provide even one detail on how it will get done?
At midnight she checked off the last detail on her list and slept well for the first time in weeks.

riap roi (Thai) (C)

Everything is in perfect order and ready for what's next.
"Riap roi" is not just about the mind/intention/will of an individual, but rather that ALL of the circumstances are in order. It's atmospherically BIGGER and more descriptive than our English concept of "ready". forum post

sokusek (i即席), use as ad hoc/improvised tool (C)

He's like the MacGyver of Pandora. The forest is his (ad hoc/improvised tool.) box.
Po tskxeru txepursì (...) sarmi fte 'ivem wutsot letxon.
There is no perfect 'everyday' word for this in English. 'Improvise' is closest. cf: vine snatched from tree when rope needed, leaf used as plate, flint knapping stone picked up off the ground.

designed device, product of skilled craftsmanship created for a purpose (C)

I'd rather have one of his devices than any other. They last longer; feel better; and are just so much more nicely designed.
cf: ikran saddle/pa'li saddle/flying warrior's goggles (noun or productive root) (tìtxula?)