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law, custom, tradition (A)

This is not our custom, but the horse people do paint themselves up that way.
It is the tradition to sing this way.
She is still too young to know our laws.
Discussion of law in general happened here: [1]. We have koren, but is there a different term for the eyktan "laying down the law," as when Eytukan forbade the presence of humans?

council, meeting (A)

The council discussed what to do about the Sky people.

make a speech, speak in council (B)

Jake gives terrible speeches.

deliberate, plan, come to decisions (A)

We must plan what to do about the sky people.
They didn't plan well.

punish, punishment (B)

outcast (C)

As when Jake says that he is "in the place the eye does not see." Probably derived, the verb exile.

victim (B)

Not sure if the victim of a breach of custom would be the same as a victim of an accidental event.

execute (C)

The clan leader has ordered us to execute these two.

crime, infraction (C)

The Sky People's crime was terrible.
A punishable breach in custom. Also a verb, violate, commit a crime.

taboo (C)

A breach in custom that doesn't necessarily require punishment. "Something that is taboo is wrong to say/do mainly because it is simply culturally unacceptable. Example 'It is taboo for an Omatakayan Na'vi to hunt or eat an ikran, even though the plains Na'vi routinely hunt and eat them.'"

asylum (C)

This may require an anthropologist to work out. Do tribal cultures offer asylum? Would the Na'vi have cause to do this?

accuse (C)

innocent (C)

He has not done what you accused him of doing. He's innocent.

guilty (C)

They are guilty of terrible acts.