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own (v) (C)

share (v) (A)

borrow (A)

"To use momentarily with the intention of returning the possession." And lend?

haggle, barter, negotiate a trade (C)

trade, exchange (A)

win (v) (B)

The sky people cannot win!
Do the Na'vi have contests?

worth (n, v) (B)

This bow isn't worth anything — it'll break!

impoverished (C)

incl. homeless

wealthy (C)

needs provided for

gather, collect (A)

Today we will gather roots.

hold, have in one's hands (A)

Why are you holding that?

keep (B)

I'll keep this until you're grown up enough for it.
Keep it.

available, at hand (B)

My bow is at hand for you to use.

claim, assert ownership of (C)

I claim this spot!

exhaust, use up (C)

He used up all the warpaint!
The meat from the last hunt is gone.

gift (C)

This bow I'm making is a gift for my sister.

profit, gain, benefit (C)

It won't gain us anything to follow that herd.
Following his advice will benefit us

waste (C)

The sky people waste their water.
Don't waste the war paint.

pile (up) (C)

First, pile up some sticks for the fire.
This bird makes a pile of stones to attract a mate.