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Lexical Expansion Project

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be of a certain dimension, be so long, be so wide (B)

The plant was three hands tall.
This might be an idiom for different dimensions, but Greek, for example, has a special verb to state distances.

be a certain age (B)

My son is three years old.

some (amount) (A)

Some people don't like teylu.

half (A)

His family got half the yerik.
Half, a third and a quarter seem fairly primary. Will the Na'vi have a generalized way to form fractions?

some (A)

Some people like to eat teylu.
Many people are also desperate for a clear way to say "someone" as well as "anyone."

package, bundle, collection (B)

He brought in a bundle of fern leaves.
There was a collection of bones in the thanator den.
Something like pongu but for inanimate objects

average, so-so (C)

"How big was the yerik?" "Average size for a yerik."
"Is he handsome?" "You know, so-so."
I use a bow ok.

decrease (C)

They have hunted too much here. The number of yerik has decreased.
Just for quantity, or also degree, as in "his patience is decreasing"?

empty (C)

Whew! The wasp nest is empty.
My cup is empty!

shrink (C)

The weather has made my clothes shrink.
This plant shrinks when it's too hot out.

majority, most (C)

Most people don't agree with this.
The majority of yerik are shy.

measure (C)

Measure this cloth we've been weaving. How long is it?

rare, unusual (C)

It is rare to see Toruk.
Such an even is unusual.
We rarely see him any more.

size (C)

The size of the sky people's home is absurd!
It's not the size of the bow that matters...

weigh, weight (C)

You weigh too much to walk on this branch.
Is the weight of this rock good for bolas? (The weights on a rope weapon)