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Lexical Expansion Project

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brown (A)

This is the only color word that seems both useful and missing from the list we have now. Dark "red-orange"? Do we have modifiers for color words? Or say things like "earth colored"?

sight (B)

My sight is poor these days.

taste, flavor (n) (= fahew?) (B)

do we go w human flavors, salt sour bitter sweet savory? strong mild? picante? do we combine with scent? By the way: Is "fahew" pejorative (like German "Gestank") in contrast to neutral/general scent (German: "Geruch") and positive scent (German: "Duft"), or is "fahew" a generic term, maybe with the affect infixes distinguishing positive from negative?

taste (v) (B)

the food tastes good vs. I taste the food: tìg ftxì ?

sound (good) (B)

This music sounds great!
A generic grammatical way for these middle senses ("I look at a painting," vs. "the painting looks good", etc) could be helpful.

rough, coarse (B)

My hammock is rough.

smooth, not textured (B)

tough, durable (B)

This rope is tough.

heavy (A)

light (not heavy) (A)

bright, glowing, luminous (adj) (A)

The reflection off the lake was bright.
leatan maybe? Different qualities and sorts of light --- from the sun, from Polyphemus, from bioluminescence, etc --- discussed at [1].

wet (A)

My clothes got wet when my ikran took a swim.

sticky, tacky (B)

Watch out for that sap! It is very sticky.

cold (A)

Do cold objects and cold weather use the same word?

hot (C)

Is som hot weather, or a hot object, or both? And are there degrees of hot and cold (warm and cool) as separate lexical items?

view (n) (C)

scenery, landscape
range of eyesight
the act of viewing (like German: "Ansicht", while the two examples above are "Aussicht").

eagle-eyed, observant (B)

Russian: зоркий

caustic, corrosive (C)

This plant has a caustic sap

sour (B)

spicy (hot) (C)

experience through tsaheylu (A)

and related word/concepts

complex, detailed, elaborated (C)

Sky People's thinking is too complex.
The decorations on her bow are very detailed.
My grandmother tells detailed stories.

perfect, exquisite, having finesse (C)

Txewì shoots his bow just perfectly.
She always says the right (perfect) thing to calm people down.

shine (C)

That torch is shining too brightly.

flat (C)

The plains clan's land is quite flat.
Lay the cloth flat across your legs.

flexible, pliant (C)

This fiber isn't very flexible.

stiff, firm, unyielding (C)

This wood is too firm to make a good bow.
Keep adding flour until the dough is stiff.

prominent, conspicuous, obvious (C)

They knew they had found their way back when they saw the conspicuous rock outcropping on the hillside.
Our Hometree is very prominent and easy to find.

compare (C)

When I compare teylu to yerik, I'd much rather eat the yerik.
When I compare teylu and yerik, the yerik is much better when cooked.
Compared to moss, flowers are much more colorful.
Also adv. and n. forms, "That tree is comparatively low/short," "I can't agree with your comparison of Tsu'tey and Jake."

gel (C)

goop/slimy stuff

comfort (C)

(be) comfortable

relevant, pertinent, germane (C)

adj. or verb cf: «tsranten»

situation (C)

set of specific circumstances

tickle (C)

Not necessarily deliberately.

phenomenon / emergence / 'happening' (C)

The new phenomenon was surprising to everyone and foretold neither by prophecy nor omen.
I might try to build it as tì'onglen or as tì'ong or tì'len separately.

fragrant (C)

The Sky people get very... fragrant... after a while in the forest.
For any strong aroma.