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Lexical Expansion Project

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roof/ceiling (C)

separate words? (internal vs. external, and not all Na'vi live in trees)

balcony/branch (C)

where you come outside on upper levels

floor, level (B)

we may have this word. Sep words ground floor vs. upper story?

wall (A)

sep. words external wall and internal partition/screen?

toilet/latrine (C)

door, doorway, entrance (B)

window (C)

if there are such things

hall, meeting hall, main space (B)

stairs (C)

what you use to move between levels

bed/hammock (B)

fireplace, firepit, stove (B)

dining room/hall (C)

sleeping area (B)

storage area (C)

shed, pantry, closet, shelf: sep. words for some?

ladder (B)

does this exist?

torch, lamp, candle (A)

table (C)

does this exist?

workspace (C)

Txewì's in his workspace working on arrowheads.
You're still to young to hang out in the work area. You might hurt yourself.
For tasks that have special requirements and can't just be done anywhere.

chair (C)

does this exist?

aerie, rookerie (C)

both where the banshees roots at Hometree, and in the wild

stables (C)

are the fa'li kept somewhere?

nest, den (B)

do animal homes have diff. names?