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This is a collection of phrases and idioms that Frommer has come up with or approved.

Ätxäle si palulukanur tsnì smarit livonu. Ask Ask a thanator to release its prey. Refers to a futile gesture, an attempt to achieve something that might be desirable but will clearly not happen. In colloquial speech, may be shortened to just ätxäle pa(lu)lukanur. (Na', July 10 2010).

Ngari txe'lan mawey livu. Don't worry about it, literally "let your heart be calm." (Fmawno)

Fwäkì ke fwefwi The mantis doesn't whistle. (Said when something It is not in someone's nature or like them to do.) (citation needed)

Txo ke nìyo’ tsakrr nìyol. [Proverb] If you can’t be flawless, at least be brief. (Naviteri)

Taronyut yom smarìl Everything goes wrong that can. (citation needed)

Ke tsun fko tspivang torukit fa fwa pewnti snew. You can’t kill a great leonopteryx by constricting its throat.(Proverbial expression for a method that will not work.) (Naviteri)

Kem amuiä, kum afe’. (Proverb)Proper action, bad result. (Said when something that should have turned out well didn’t. Can include the idea, “Well, my/our/your/his/her/their heart was in the right place.”) (Naviteri)

Säfpìl asteng, tìkan ateng. Great minds think alike. (Naviteri)

’Ivong nìk’ong. proverbial—literally, “Let it unfold slowly.” (Naviteri)

Tsun pehem? idiomatic expression, meaning “What are you gonna do? That’s life.”; derived from “Tsun fko pehem sivi?” ‘What can one do?’ (Naviteri)

(Na) kenten mì kumpay ‘(like) a fan lizard in gel.’ Feeling stymied, trapped. ‘The kenten wants to spread his beautiful fan and fly away, but being encased in gel, he is unable to.’ (Naviteri)

(Na) loreyu ’awnampi Literally, ‘(like) a touched helicoradian’ The analogy is used to indicate extreme shyness. (Naviteri)

Pefya nga fpìl? ‘What do you think?’ (Literally ‘How do you think?’) (Naviteri)

sre fwa sngap zize’ ‘as quickly as possible’ (literally: before the hellfire wasp stings); Na'vi equivalent of ASAP (so, SFSZ) (Naviteri)