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--Prrton 07:03, 10 March 2010 (UTC) More Requests that I don't see here. If I'm too early, please forgive.

anticipate, look forward to, wait for hopefully and expectantly (V trans. or si construction?) (A)
compromise, meeting of the minds, mutual sacrifice for common good, (V trans. or si construction? pänutäpìng? tìpänutäpìng si? (original Latin derivation) (A)
negotiate, agree via intense discussion, 談判, (V intrans./trans or si construction?) (A)
strive in vain, "beat one's brains out", 無理する, "spin one's wheels" (V intrans. or si construction?) (A)
be utterly disappointed, "lose heart", ガッカリする(psychomime si-construct), "give up hope" (V intrans. or si construction?) (A) (if too similar to existing "disappointed" can merge, but I like this a something that is different/more intense. Would like a psychomime if possible.)
serious hurt feelings, "wounded psyche", emotional scarring, broken will, emotional withdrawal, beating oneself up (noun & si-construct & seyki-construct & säpi-construct) (A)
*sneakretive, sneaky+secretive, stealthily cunning, ninja-like (V intrans. or adj.) (A)
*scranchipy, tattered, ratty, mangy, shabby, falling apart) (A)
*gradu, repulsive detritus, gunk, disgusting schmutz, any vile substance that doesn't belong where it is (A)
*fragmefact, evidential piece of a former whole, leftover, a lost or missing part, happenstance piece of a non-designed puzzle, forensic evidence (C)
information, perhaps a variant of fmawn?, data, publicly accepted details re: some subject, (noun) (A)
germ, infectious particle, malicious spore, invasive malignant microbe (noun) (A)
corporeal fundamentals, substances of which the body is (mystically?) composed. (3 to 5?) please (J.C. probably needs to weigh in) (noun(s)) (C)
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
"Cardinal Humor" (historic) (blood, phlegm, yellow bile [choler], and black bile [melancholy])
"All energy is borrowed..." ki/qi (気)
"...bones reinforced with carbon fiber...", "every fiber of my existence"
Eywanian Energy, the light of tsaheylu, tendril light of the transmogrification (*nawmatan? *ngrratan?) (J.C. might need to weigh in) (noun(s)) (A)
Eywanian Matter, the fundamental substance (as opposed to the energy) of which physical things are composed, *[nawma [dust]]? (J.C. might need to weigh in) (noun(s)) (A)
hallucination, confused vision, dream that is completely out of whack, temporarily crazy (noun or verb (experience an hallucination) (A or B)
faint, suddenly lose consciousness, have "the vapors", 倒れる, collapse unexpectedly (verb) (A)
ad hoc tool, cf vine snatched from tree when rope needed, leaf used as plate, flint knapping stone (noun or productive root) (A or B)
simple tool, cf hammer/chisel/bolas (noun or productive root) (A or B)
designed device, cf ikran saddle/pa'li saddle/flying warrior's goggles (noun or productive root) (A or B)
pet, cf small-ish domesticated animal (noun) (A or B)