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About me and my account

Profile of Aka'ula on Learn Na'vi!

I saw the movie Avatar super late, in February of this year 2017. Loved it and looked online for more information before stumbling on LN. Before the movie, I already had an interest in things like languages (specifically those harder to learn for English speakers), bows (In process of making my own :) ), Javelins (aka spears), and a dislike in some parts of the modern world we live in today. That made the movie a nice fit to some parts of me.

Learning Na'vi

When I discovered that Na'vi was a full on constructed language, I hopped on the bandwagon (which left the station a long time ago), and started rolling with the hype of the movie and from wanting to learn a completely unique language!

I still consider myself a beginner, and am using several of the resources here, especially those made and put time into by dedicated and still active members on the forum :)

This Wiki Account

Some things need a little dusting over time, and this wiki has collect dust

I plan to scour through it and find what needs to be changed or fixed. Anything minor or obvious I will change by myself, but anything that is a bit bigger I will ask someone else!