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Note: This beginner's guide is a work in progress. There is still a lot to be done before it gets released. Feedback from everyone is welcome, including from beginners and experienced Na'vi learners. Please add your comments on the Beginners' Guide talk page, or post to one of the Beginners' Guide threads on the Learn Na'vi forum (such as the Letters and Sounds thread), or send a forum PM to Erimeyz.

[Introductory material here, maybe]

To Talk of Many Things

Consider these sentences:

[intr, pl]
[tr, pl]
[cop, pl]

In English plurals are formed by adding "-s": chicken, chickens; duck, ducks. Except sometimes it's "-es": potato, potatoes. And sometimes it's just different: goose, geese; child, children. In Na'vi things are much more straight-forward: just add ay-.