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Too many people are coming to the forum and start off trying to translate moody rock songs into Na'vi, often before they have mastered the basics. Pithy and difficult aphorisms are also common translation fodder. But most of our day-to-day conversation is a lot more banal.

We need some basic dialogs with some of this day-to-day chit-chat to supplement the grammar-heavy materials we mostly have to deal with currently. With care, they can be designed to be memorized in such a way that grammar can be reinforced with some simple variations of those conversations (sticking in new words, which'll have to be in the accusative, say, or the past instead of the future). This is a ubiquitous technique in modern language instruction.

It might make sense to mix these in with Erimeyz's project at some point.


The series of Situational Navajo and Interactional Navajo have some interesting possibilities, too.


Hello, Bob.
Hello, Jane. How are you.
Well, thanks. And you?
Pretty good.

Hello (2)

B: Hello, Jane.
J: Hello, Bob. Are you well?
B: I am. And you?
J: Me, too. This is my friend, Alice.
B: Hello, alice. Nice to meet you.
A: Hello, Bob. Nice to meet you, too.

Where are you going?

Are you learning Na'vi?

Going to meet some friends

Na'vi is difficult

How is your Family?