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These are transcriptions of spoken Na'vi from various audio-only sources, primarily the film Avatar. Please note that these are not canonical transcriptions; they have been developed by the Learn Na'vi community and represent our best effort to document what is actually being said.

Help Needed!

This page is a work in progress. You can help! If your Na'vi is pretty good, you can participate in transcription discussions on the Learn Na'vi forum. Even if you're still learning, you can help copy transcriptions from those discussions over to this page. See below for more details.

Example Transcription

Source: Paul Frommer's Vanity Fair interview (interview) (clip) (no forum link)

Kaltxì. Ngaru lu fpom srak?
"Hello. How are you?" (literally: "Are you well?")

How To Help

Look through the forum to find threads discussing audio clips from the movie and/or interviews. Copy and paste transcriptions from those threads into this page.

Include multiple transcriptions if they are offered with any credible support. If there is a dispute in the thread about the correct transcription, include all that have any support (be generous to all sides).

Include English translations where provided. If multiple translations are offered, include them all. Match each translation with the corresponding Na'vi transcription. If a canonical translation is available, note that, including the source of the translations (such as the movie subtitles).

Link back to the forum threads where the transcriptions came from. Reply to those threads saying you've added the transcriptions to the Audio Transcriptions page and thank the contributors.