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The Na'vi language canon is the complete collection of information about the Na'vi language provided by authoritative sources, namely Paul Frommer and the creators of Avatar (James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox).

The canon comprises two things:

  • words and phrases spoken or written in Na'vi
  • descriptions of the linguistic elements of Na'vi such as orthography, morphology, syntax, and grammar

The Na'vi words and phrases from canonical sources are presented or linked to on the Corpus page (where copyright allows). Documentation, explanation, and analysis of Na'vi linguistics are presented on other Learn Na'vi wiki pages (Phonology, Morphology, Grammar, etc.). This page serves to document the canonical sources themselves. The majority of the examples on this page come from email correspondances with Frommer.

This page includes information dated July 2012 - December 2012. To access past information please see:

"I hope..."

From an interview (In German), July 9, 2012

"Kaltxì, ma oeyä eylan. Oil ayngati kameie nìwotx. Ulte sìlpey oe, oel ngolop a aylì'fya sivunu ayngar." (Hello, my friends. I see you (all). And I hope you like the languages ​​that I have created.)

two words in use: 'e'al and kangay si

Reported by wm.annis in this forum post, Nov 18, 2012.

In any case, I was completely unable to find a single example of 'e'al worst in use. So I asked Pawl if it occurred in some dialog that didn't make it into the film. It had —
Quote from: Pawl
Please – this will only confirm their worst fears about you –
Rutxe—ayngari fìkem feyä ’e’ala topur kangay sìyi nì’aw.
please about-you this their worst fears valid will-make only
So, here we have 'e'al in action, and a heretofore unseen verb, kangay si validate, confirm.