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These are some Frequently Asked Questions that you are likely to encounter as you begin your Na'vi studies. We hope you find these questions and their answers helpful! We encourage all beginners to ask questions... it's how you learn. If you have any questions that this FAQ doesn't cover, ask them on the FAQ thread.

Help Needed!

This page is a work in progress. You can help! If your Na'vi is pretty good, you can help answer questions on the Learn Na'vi forum. Even if you're still learning, you can help copy questions and answers from those discussions over to this page. See below for more details.

Example Q&A

Q: How do you say "How are you?"
A: Ngaru lu fpom srak? This means Are you well? (literally Do you have well-being?) and is a common greeting on Pandora. "How are you?" is a comparable greeting in English and is an appropriate translation of the Na'vi.

How To Help

Read through the forum FAQ thread. Copy-and-paste questions and answers to this page. Start with the ones included in the first post, but keep reading to find others. Then start reading through various threads in the Beginners' board looking for other questions that beginners often ask. When in doubt, add it. Even if only one person has asked that question, there are undoubtedly others that haven't thought to ask yet, or don't know enough to ask yet. Including those questions and answers on the wiki may keep them from having to ask it in the first place.

Edit the answers to improve them. Make them as complete, accurate, and helpful as possible. Remember that they are for people who are new to the language and who may not yet have absorbed all the material that's available, or even know what material to absorb.

In the answers, provide links to other sources that have further information. You don't need to link to the original post, credit the poster, or credit the answerer. Reword the question as needed to clarify what's being asked; make the question as helpful as the answer.

Keep both the questions and the answers short and simple. Split up multiple questions from one post into separate questions. Break apart confused questions that ask multiple things at once into their component questions and answer them separately.

Post a reply to the forum FAQ thread saying you've added the question to the FAQ page on the wiki.