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== Phrases ==
== Phrases ==
=== Untranslated ===
=== Untranslated ===
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! scope="col" width="70px"| {{desc|Act Scene Line|A S L}}
! scope="col" | Phrase
| A1S1 L<span style="display:none">00</span>8 || upon your hour
=== Interpretations ===
=== Interpretations ===
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{| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 100%;text-align: left;"

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This is a new list, created after proofreading of the script, please do not change it.
Untranslated or intepreted words still need to go on the original list.

This list of missing words for The Hamlet Translation Project can be divided into two sections: words and phrases. Both of those can be divided into words/phrases that have been translated and words/phrases that have not been translated. The missing words/phrases that have been translated are translated in a work-around way and for the purpose of explanation and possible correction they are listed under Words-Interpretations and Phrases-Interpretations.

Explanation of the format used to list the words/phrases:

  • Normal font indicates original text
  • Bold font indicates English to Na'vi translation
  • Italic font indicates Na'vi to English translation
  • [Normal Brackets] give information or other options for translation
  • [Bold Brackets] indicate untranslated words in the script
  • An asterisk (*) indicates words that have been translated using non-canonical or non-confirmed words



A/S Word
A1S1 relief
A1S1 relieve
A1S1 honest
A1S1 westward
A1S1 pole
A1S1 bell
A1S1 wonder


A/S Word Translation
A1S1 platform klltseng (position)
A1S1 castle kelutral (hometree)
A1S1 king olo'eyktan (clan leader)
A1S1 bitter cold txawew (very cold)
A1S1 guard tìhawnu (protection)
A1S1 mouse kenten (fan lizard)
A1S1 bid (them) piveng (meforu) san (tell (them) "...")
A1S1 liegemen (me)slanyu (supporter(s))
A1S1 Dane leTxänmaka sute (Danish people)
A1S1 fantasy unil (dream) [unused option: tìronsel - imagination]
A1S1 soldier tsamsiyu (warrior)
A1S1 belief *tìspaw (belief)
A1S1 take hold of stä'nì (catch)
A1S1 minutes *hrrvi (timebits)
A1S1 apparition tirea (spirit)
A1S1 approve tivìng tìyawrit (give right) [full phrase in Phrases-Interpretations]
A1S1 assail peng (tell)
A1S1 illume tìng atan (give light)
A1S1 heaven taw (sky)
A1S1 break off ftang (stop)
A1S1 figure tokx (body)
A1S1 scholar ftiayu (student)
A1S1 look (like) lam (na) (seem/appear (like))
A1S1 mark tìng nari (look)
A1S1 harrow teya si (fill)
A1S1 usurp'st rawn (replace)
A1S1 form tokx (body)
A1S1 stalk away tìran neto (walk away)



A S L Phrase
A1S1 L008 upon your hour


A S L Phrase Translation
A1S1 L009 'tis now struck twelve; get thee to bed kxamtxon lamu set; nga hivahaw (it was midnight now; may you sleep)
A1S1 L037 I entreated him along oe ätxäle soli tsnì po za'u (I requested that he comes)
A1S1 L040 he may approve our eyes po tsunslu tivìng tìyawrit narir oengeyä (he may give right to our eyes)
A1S1 L043 let us once again assail your ears tung futa moe nìmun plltxe ngeyä memikyunur (allow this: again we speak to your ears)
A1S1 L044 that are so fortified against our story a mewätu lu moeyä vurur (that are opponents to our story)
A1S1 L050 had made his course ralmikx (shifted/moved)
A1S1 L051 where it now burns a lu tsengit peyä atanil tok set (that is the place its light is now at)
A1S1 L052 the bell then beating one [bell] terìng 'awvea [hour] (the bell giving the first hour)
A1S1 L059 it would be spoke to por zene pivlltxe (to it must be spoken)
A1S1 L060 question it pawm 'uo por (ask it something)
A1S1 L063 that form in which the majesty of buried Denmark tsatokx a olo'eyktan Txänmakä akllyawnem (that body that the clan leader of buried Denmark)
A1S1 L064a did sometimes march? sar fte tìran krro (used to walk sometimes)
A1S1 L064b by heaven I charge thee, speak! Eywafpi, oel ngati peykìsylltxe! (by Eywa, I will definitely cause you to speak!)
A1S1 L065 it is offended poru lu zoplo (it has offence)