Hamlet: List of Missing Words

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This page is for all words found in the script of Hamlet which cannot yet be adequately translated. For character and place names, suggested transliterations will be given in bold.

Character Names

Prince Hamlet: Hämlet

Osric: Osrìk

Polonius: Polonyus

Marcellus: Marselusì

Ophelia: Ofelya

Voltimand: Voltìmän

Yorick: Yorìk

Reynaldo: Reynaldo

Rosencrantz: Rosengran

Fortinbras: Fortìnprasì

Francisco: Fransisko

Cornelius: Kornilyus

Barnado: Bìnarto

King Claudius: Kìlortsyus

Queen Gertrude: Kertsrut

Laertes: Leyertis

Lucianus: Lusyanus

Horatio: Horeytsyo

Guildenstern: Kìltxensten

A Gentleman: Tsentllmìn

Courtier: Kortìer

First Clown: Kìlawn A'awve

Second Clown: Kìlawn Amuve

A Captain: Kaptìn

English Ambassador: Ämpasìtor 'ìnglenä

Lord: Lortì

Lady: Leytxi

Officer: Ofìser

Soldier: Soltsyer

Sailor: Seylìr

Messenger: Mesentsyer

Attendant: Atenten

Ghost of Hamlet's Father: Tirea Sempulä Hämletä

Place Names

Denmark: Txänmak

Norway: Norkìa

Poland: Polska

France: Fras

England: 'ìnglen

Other Words

To Relieve/Take someone's place on watch

Relief (the act of doing the above)