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Help improve the Learn Na'vi wiki!

Here are some projects that anyone can contribute to. Any effort you can spend on them will help the Na'vi-speaking community grow and thrive, and will be greatly appreciated!

Most of the work required here involves reading through forum threads, compiling information, copy-and-pasting text, and adding links. It's time-consuming, but easy, and every little bit helps! Don't feel like you have to do it all. Just do what you can, and others will come along and build on what you've done. If you're not a whiz at wiki formatting, don't worry about it. Just get the information into the page, and someone else will clean it up later.

Many hands make light work. Every little bit helps.

Canon: Correspondence

Read through forum threads looking for anyplace where someone mentions they have gotten email from Dr. Frommer containing otherwise undocumented information, such as new words, new grammar, and confirmation or refutation of what had previously been speculation on our part.

Copy-and-paste the information into the Private Correspondence With Paul Frommer section of the Canon page. If the poster provided direct quotations from Dr. Frommer, copy that verbatim. If the poster just said "Frommer told me in an email that..." then copy-and-paste their summary verbatim, but make it clear that what's being said is the poster's words, not Frommer's.

Add the date of the post, or the date of the email if that's provided. Attribute carefully and correctly: if it's a summary, say who summarized it. If it's a quote from Frommer, make it clear what's being quoted and say who posted the quote. Add a link back to the forum post. Link to the individual post, not the entire thread.

Reply to the post noting that you've added their information to the Canon, and thank them for sharing it with the community.

See this forum thread as a starting point.

Audio Transcriptions

Look through the forum to find threads discussing audio clips from the movie and/or interviews (like the New York Times clip about walking through the forest). Copy and paste transcriptions from those threads into the Audio Transcriptions page.

Include multiple transcriptions if they are offered with any credible support. If there is a dispute in the thread about the correct transcription, include all that have any support (be generous to all sides).

Include English translations where provided. If multiple translations are offered, include them all. Match each translation with the corresponding Na'vi transcription. If a canonical translation is available, note that, including the source of the translations (such as the movie subtitles).

Link back to the forum threads where the transcriptions came from. Reply to those threads saying you've added the transcriptions to the Audio Transcriptions page and thank the contributors.

Contributed Corpus

Read through the beginner chat thread and other posts in the Beginners' board and Vocab/Phrases board looking for well-written Na'vi sentences. Copy the most interesting, useful, helpful, and correct ones to the Contributed Corpus page. Note that the Megathread suffers from having been started back when we didn't know as much as we do now, so be cautious and judicious in choosing material from there.

Only choose sentences that have been reviewed, corrected, and verified by experienced Na'vi learners. Do not choose sentences that you have written. Do not choose sentences that you have been the only reviewer of.

Include the English translations, including the sentence author's original intent and any subsequent alterations or re-translations made by experienced reviewers. Where possible, include interlinear glosses using the formatting described on this discussion page.

Link back to the forum post with the sentence author's original attempt, and also to the post with a reviewer providing or endorsing the final form. Credit the original author. Do not credit the reviewers; the sense should be that the sentences have been reviewed and endorsed by the community as a whole - anyone wanting the details of the review (including revisions) can follow the link and read the posts.

On the forum, reply to the endorsement post with a note saying you've added the sentence to the Contributed Corpus. Include a link to the Contributed Corpus page. Thank the original poster and the reviewers.

MaSempul Petition

It would be wonderful to have an interlinear gloss of the original petition included in the Contributed Corpus. It probably deserves its own page, but it should be linked to from the main Contributed Corpus page. Follow the lead of A Message From Paul - the unglossed message is included with English translation in the main page (as in here), with a link to a separate page that has the complete analysis and gloss (as in here).

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through the forum FAQ thread. Copy-and-paste questions and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Start with the ones included in the first post, but keep reading to find others. Then start reading through various threads in the Beginners' board looking for other questions that beginners often ask. When in doubt, add it. Even if only one person has asked that question, there are undoubtedly others that haven't thought to ask yet, or don't know enough to ask yet. Including those questions and answers on the wiki may keep them from having to ask it in the first place.

Edit the answers to improve them. Make them as complete, accurate, and helpful as possible. Remember that they are for people who are new to the language and who may not yet have absorbed all the material that's available, or even know what material to absorb.

In the answers, provide links to other sources that have further information. You don't need to link to the original post, credit the poster, or credit the answerer. Reword the question as needed to clarify what's being asked; make the question as helpful as the answer.

Keep both the questions and the answers short and simple. Split up multiple questions from one post into separate questions. Break apart confused questions that ask multiple things at once into their component questions and answer them separately.

Post a reply to the forum FAQ thread saying you've added the question to the FAQ page on the wiki.

Na'vi Names

Create a new wiki page compiling advice, suggestions, questions, and answers from the various Na'vi names forum threads discussing how to create a Na'vi name for oneself. Link to it from the main page of the wiki. Make the page as informative, helpful, easy to understand, and encouraging as you can.

Post a link to the wiki page on the various Na'vi name threads.