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The Lexical Expansion Program

We need to produce a list of about 1000 of the most desperately needed pieces of vocabulary in Na'vi [1]. Karyu Pawl wants us to categorize them by three priorities, A, B and C. And we have to get him the A and B sets... by March 12th.

This is going to be a bit of a mad race.

We cannot just hand Karyu Pawl a spreadsheet, or point him at a web page. I want to hand him a nicely formatted document that it will be easy for him to use, to make his work as productive and pleasant as possible.

I have experience writing software that grabs and alters pages on a Wiki (like our LN.org Wiki install). I also have experience with the LaTeX typesetting system (here's an example: http://www.aoidoi.org/poets/pindar/I02.pdf). So, I would like us to use the wiki, in a somewhat strucutured and fussy way, to produce the final lists. I can write a program that will grab those pages, reformat them for LaTeX, and do things like add indices, etc., and spit out an attractive PDF that shouldn't be too painful to use.

Whatever limitations the wiki may have, it has some benefits to ushere.

  1. Group editing is easy
  2. Keeping track of changes is easy
  3. Each page already has a discussion page built in
  4. Everyone can see what we're up to, while we can still control edits (or, at least, revert naughtiness)

Our main job is to take suggestions from the LN.org population, make sure they're clear and have examples if necessary, and get them into the Wiki.

I have divided up the vocabulary pages into semantic or topical categories. Having related vocabulary together should be useful, both to people asking for words and to Karyu Pawl, to see how senses might overlap and relate.


These topics are taken from the WOLD list of semantic fields. It will not always be obvious where a word best fits — we needn't get too worked up about that.