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Lexical Expansion Project

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pasture, to graze (C)

trough (for fa'li) (C)

grass, pasture (C)

herbs (medicinal) (B)

stem, root ()

leaf, canopy (A)

different words for different species/sizes/shapes? living/dead?

branch (B)

known word, but like "leaf", are there physically motivated lexical differences?

log (B)

old fallen tree
different word if very large? (serves as shelter etc.)

vine (A)

bark (B)

related to skin?

fern, frond (A)

nut (A)

in general

fruit (A)

in general

vegetable (A)

Fruits are seed-bearing portions of plants; most vegetables are other parts of plants.

bean, pod (A)

in general

sap (B)

fork in branch (C)

undergrowth, underbrush (A)

dense, thick (plant life) (B)

The forest is very thick here.

spike, thorn (B)

pick (a fruit) (A)

snap (v) (C)

"onomatopoetic verb for the sound of breaking branches"

garden (C)

Perhaps a loan?

bury (B)

put into the ground and cover with earth
also "plant (v.)" if applicable