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Lexical Expansion Project

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near-death experience (B)

condition of being about to die (that Grace experienced: she saw Eywa but could still talk)

be tipsy (B)

not necessary because of alcohol, just the condition
from poison?

suspect, doubt, be uncertain (that) (vtr.) (B)

We doubt the Skypeople can learn this.
I suspect what he says.

remember (A)

'ok si? does the Tree of Voices factor into this somehow?

forget (A)

trust (n. or v.) (A)

smart, intelligent (A)

what is the scope of sìlronsem?

be right, be wrong (A)

(k)eyawr si?

supernatural (C)

"out of this world", magical
what did the Na'vi think when first the Sawtute showed up with their sawsìp?

read, book, etc. (B)

while the Na'vi wouldn't have words for such concepts originally, after prolonged contact with humans (and with Grace in particular), some terms should have developed. loans or not?

wonder (v.) (A)

usage examples would be needed

random, unexpected, surprising (of a thing which was said) (C)

without pattern

intend (A)

I intend to be there.
This developed out of a conversation about going to [1].

difficult (A)

The Na'vi language is difficult.
They are very hard to kill.

on purpose (B)

You dropped that on purpose!

by chance, by accident (A)

I happened to talk to him yesterday.
It just happened!