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Lexical Expansion Project

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near-death experience (B)

condition of being about to die (that Grace experienced: she saw Eywa but could still talk)

be tipsy (B)

not necessary because of alcohol, just the condition
from poison?

suspect, doubt, be uncertain (that) (vtr.) (B)

We doubt the Skypeople can learn this.
I suspect what he says.

remember (A)

'ok si? does the Tree of Voices factor into this somehow?

memorize, commit to memory (B)

You should memorize 10 Na'vi words a day.

forget (A)

trust (n. or v.) (A)

be right, be wrong (A)

(k)eyawr si?

supernatural (C)

"out of this world", magical
what did the Na'vi think when first the Sawtute showed up with their sawsìp?

read (B)

while the Na'vi wouldn't have words for such a concept originally, after prolonged contact with humans (and with Grace in particular), some terms should have developed. loan or not? In Latin (legere) and German (lesen) "read" is derived from "to collect (characters and words)", in Greek (anagignoskein) it's derived from "to recognize (the characters and words)", in Japanese it's ethymologically related to "sing (a song, sound by sound)".

wonder (v.) (A)

usage examples would be needed

random, unexpected, surprising (of a thing which was said) (C)

without pattern

intend (A)

I intend to be there.
This developed out of a conversation about going to [1].

difficult (A)

The Na'vi language is difficult.
They are very hard to kill.

on purpose (B)

You dropped that on purpose!

by chance, by accident (A)

I happened to talk to him yesterday.
It just happened!

intuition (A)

knowing intuitively what step, jump or movement is possible without thinking or having the slightest doubt. you know that you would not fail, but you will if wait too long.
doing something risky with the justification "i just knew that this would work", "a Na'vi that feels the wind under the wings of his ikran who feels the exact moment when to do the turn"
usage examples and derivations wanted

follow one's heart (C)

trust one's feelings, go on instinct

quality (A)

as a general concept, but also ways to express various levels in one's perception of materials, actions, sounds etc.

actual, real (A)

Am I dreaming? No, it's real.
This is an actual toruk skull.

imagine, envision (A)

involving äie?

sense (n.) (B)


naive (C)

Thinking that things are less complex than they are in reality

notice, catch one's eye (A)

Her beauty caught my eye
I've noticed a lot of enthusiasm

interesting, interest (A)

self, identity (C)

Also for things like "I'll do it myself (because no one else can)" (topic?)

sanity (A)

having expected, normal or acceptable thinking
is keye'ung correct for "insanity"? derived from "sanity"?

eccentric, absent minded (C)

Not derogatory, but used to describe someone that is intelligent, but kind of has their head in the clouds, is overly curious, and generally does not have their thoughts organized.

disagree (A)

opposite of mllte
how are these words used? "I disagree with you" = ?

think about (C)

be on one's mind

care (A)

be concerned about, have a vested interest in
I don't care, I don't give a damn, It's all the same to me

regardless (B)

no matter what happens
Regardless of what you did, I still love you.

luck, chance (A)

do the Na'vi believe in luck (rather than skill)? is luck=Eywa?

the luck is changing (B)

the tide has turned
das blatt hat sich gewendet
dark times behind us, brighter times ahead

mean, signify (A)

These clouds mean the storm is approaching

known, familiar (vs.) unknown, unfamiliar (B)

Particle accelerators are unknown to extraterrestrial neolithic cultures.
The person next to him looked suspiciously familiar.
relatet to "kewong"? Besides: Is "kewong" something like "not like us"/"different" or is "alien" really meant in the sense of "out-worldly" only?

guess (A)


reckon, estimate (C)

I reckon this tree is at least zam arm-spans tall

ignorant, foolish (A)

"No fear. But stupid! Ignorant like a child!"

example, for instance (A)

I'll give you an example ...
There are different animals on Pandora, e. g. ...
In some languages both expressions are related, e. g. German: "Beispiel" (example), "zum Beispiel" (for example); in other languages they are very different, e. g. Japanese: "rei" (example), "tatoeba" (for example).

aware, attentive (C)

He is aware (he notices things).

riddle, unsolved problem (B)

useful (A)

your idea <helped> me a lot
this tool is <useful> for our clan

sensible, reasonable (A)

right, intelligent
first everyone agreed it was a good decision but it turned out that we all have overseen something obvious. so the decision was neither good nor <sensible>
first everyone agreed it was a good decision but we had no luck at all. so the decision was not good but "I-would-do-it-the-same-way-again" (sensible from the past perspective)

meaningful, of great importance (A)

has a meaning by itself; important without an obvious reason
every living being is <meaingful> for the forest and for itself
it is <important> that you MAKE this momentous decision
stronger/more general than tsranten

affecting noninvolved persons or things (A)

remember your actions are <word>. if you are careless that would be risky for us too.
it can be very <word> when you wipe out "only" one species.

foreseeable, predictable (A)

it was <word> that the yerik will run away when you make too much noise.

fascinating (B)

sth that causes you being overwhelmed by emotion/fascination
It was <word> when i first saw the forest at night.

upload (A)

transfer memories etc. to the Tree of Voices/Eywa via tsaheylu

download (A)

transfer memories etc. from the Tree of Voices/Eywa via tsaheylu

wish (v) (B)

I wish Hometree was never destroyed.
most likely more a grammatical question ... how to form hypopthetic clauses and unrealisable wishes (Latin: Utinam ...).