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{{lep|n=cowardly, coward
{{lep|n=cowardly, coward
{{lep|n=serene, tranquil, peaceful
|ex1=positive attribute for "peaceful calm", undisturbed, "inner peace"
|ex2=After finishing his work, he had this serene expression on his face
|ex3=Tranquility returned after the skypeople left
|comments=also derived noun for serenity/tranquility

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Lexical Expansion Project

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confused, puzzled (adj. or stative v.) (A)

"out of it"/confounded/befuddled/惚けている

shocked (adj. or stative v.) (A)

In Japanese this is rendered in "abstracted onomatopoeia/psychomime" (擬態語/擬情語) lit: mind is in a state of "bikkuri" with the sound itself being something akin to the sound of the shock reverberating in the mind/brain or the aural (if that were possible) rendering of the look of the eyes of a person who is experiencing "bikkuri".

thrilled, excited (adj. or stative v.) (A)


enthralled (adj. or stative v.) (A)

wrapped up in (something)/immersed in something/夢中

furious (adj. or stative v.) (A)

p!ssed off/indignant/ぷんぷんしている(pun•pun) again psychomime. Cf: English "she left in a huff, due to her indignation)
derivable from sti?

playful, joking (C)

love (B)

Are there differences in the word according to what kind of love is meant: w. g. erotic love, brotherly love, love towards Eywa/nature, unfullfilled love?

loving, affectionate (B)

caressing, holding hands in public (e.g. Neytiri and Jake returning after muntxa soli)

embarrassed (B)

stubborn, unyielding (B)

hesitant, undecided (B)

unwilling, loth (B)

happy (A)

sad (A)

(wanna cry)

frustrated (C)

surprised, surprise (adj./v./n.) (B)

無奈 (B)

a feeling that you have no ability to change a situation that you don't like, so you were forced to accept it (e.g. Neytiri's becoming responsible for Jake)

aggressive (B)

distinction between "nervous/aggressive" and "angry/furious"

lonely (A)

a sense of not being so close to the clan, or connected to others. This feeling might be queue removal related, or even something there are many idioms depending on missing family, friends, or former mates.

regret, regretful (B)

amae (B)

the desire to be loved, safe, taken care of, etc.

resentment at feeling gratitude (C)

sometimes being nice is an imposition, as now they owe you

rudeness of making s.o. grateful (C)

it can be rude to apologize, as you force them to forgive you, and they may not want to.

shame, shameful (B)

selfish, greedy (C)

altruistic, generous (C)

credit (B)

recognition of effort

blame (A)

recognition of fault

physical attractiveness (B)

cute, handsome, striking, "sexy" etc. (other than sevin)
to what extent do the Na'vi perceive and fuss about such things?

physical unattractiveness (B)

antonym of sevin
ugly, blemished
also impersonal, i.e. antonym of lor

elegant (B)

graceful (movement, manner, speech, etc.)

hate (A)

do the Na'vi hate?

like (A)

is it always constructed with prrte' lu?

warm, cold (C)

with regard to disposition

mercy (A)

kind (A)

gentle, benevolent

mean, cruel (A)

nasty, malevolent

curious (A)

anxious, nervous (A)

In jamska, besides the general word "ampen", there is "färlfus", which refers to the anxiety one can feel just before undertaking a major journey of some kind.

miss, long for, nostalgic, homesick (C)

longing for the presence of someone/something. diff terms if will never be fulfilled (lost home, unrequited love) vs. will be (coming back home because you miss person or place)?

lie (v. or n.) (A)

script stated at one point that the Na'vi didn't have a word for "lie" before the humans arrived. do they now?

satisfied, content (A)

not wanting more

grumpy, grouchy (A)

negative mental state

cheerful (A)

positive mental state

concerned, worried (also n.) (A)

disappointed (also v.) (A)

disgusted, appalled (A)

regard food and/or actions

grateful, gratitude (B)

tied to irayo?

confident (B)

determined, resolute (B)

burdened, under pressure (B)

impatient, impatience (B)

patient, patience (B)

depressed, emotional rock bottom (B)

After the destruction of Hometree, the Omatikaya were feeling depressed.

envy (n. or v. or adj.) (B)

irritated, annoyed, bothered (B)

indifferent, aloof, disconnected (B)

The RDA representative was indifferent to the Na'vi's plight.

bored, disinterested (C)

inspired (C)

stoic (C)

sage-like, quiet and contemplative, observational

contempt, scorn (n. or v. or adj.) (C)

Tsu'tey was contemptuous of Jake at first.

pleasant anticipation (B)

(German) vorfreude

feel (A)

'efu has been defined as "feel, sense, perceive", but we also have tìyawnit 'efu. is there another word for "experience emotions"?

powerless, helpless (B)

cherish (A)

appreciate having someone/something in one's life

sorrow (A)

He brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow.

to laugh / to smile (hangham) ()

Maybe differences in the kind of laughing: because something is just funny, because one is happy/glad about a lucky result, sniffy (like Tsu'tey about Jake) ...

emotion (C)

sympathy, feel sympathy (B)

plus expression corresponding to "I'm sorry", "My condolences"

break someone's heart (C)

cause extreme emotional pain

scary, scare (B)

I find thanators scary.
Being caught by last shadow scares me.

mourn, lament (B)

cowardly, coward (A)

serene, tranquil, peaceful (C)

positive attribute for "peaceful calm", undisturbed, "inner peace"
After finishing his work, he had this serene expression on his face
Tranquility returned after the skypeople left
also derived noun for serenity/tranquility