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Lexical Expansion Project

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brew, ferment (B)

Brewing is mentioned in the "Activist Survival Guide"

food (A)

"Yom'u" or some other derivation?

raw, uncooked (B)

"consumed as found, without preparation" (in Bantu, the same root is used for "raw" of food normally cooked and "unripe" of fruit, whereas the antonym is used for both "ripe" of fruit and "done" of cooked food)

Bon Appétit! (B)

an idiom to wish the other person, that he may enjoy his meal: jó étvágyat! (Hungar.) / bon appétit! (French) guten Appetit! (Germ.); In Japanese one doesn't say something to the other person in this situation, but to himself: "Itadakimasu" (lit. "I humbly receive"), many Japanese say this before they start to eat, even when there is nobody else in the room.

spoiled, overripe (B)

antonym of "pxasul"

swallow (C)

tasty, delicious (A)

tastless, yucky (A)

bare, plain ()

without sauce, spice, etc., whether or not cooked (perhaps also used for a song w/o instruments, cloth without color or pattern, etc. In Bantu, the same root is used for "empty" of a basket)

cup (B)

My cup is full.
Some languages may not distinguish this from bowl.

bread (A)

"flour" appears to exist, so...

bake, baker (A)

start a fire, ignite (A)

burnt (B)

state and smell
different words for different smells (source material)?

boil (v) (B)

Why do the sky people always boil water?

forage, gather food (A)