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Lexical Expansion Project

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parent(s) (A)

Is there a term, which can be equally used to speak about father or mother without stating his/her gender (like "tsmuk")?

orphan (C)

widow (C)

mate, spouse (A)

or husband vs. wife?

grandparent, grandchild (B)

gender specific like sempul and sa'nok, or neutral (with possibility for gender suffixes)?

co-(grand)parent-in-law (B)

what we call each other if our (grand)children marry

co-sib-in-law (B)

what do we call each other if we marry sibs?

friend, enemy (A)

Russian demarcates best/life friend, good friend, friend, s.o. one is friendly with, colleague, acquaintance, etc. Na'vi? What of 'enemy'? (don't like s.o. vs. rival vs. implacable foe) Peer group / age cohort / initiation cohort?

family, clan, tribe, nation (A)

which levels are discerned? Ckaha clan vs. Omatikaya tribe?

boyfriend, girlfriend (B)

Doubtless Na'vi matchmaking customs differ — what's the idea for someone in whom you're first showing interest?