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|ex1=Step lightly on the earth.
|ex1=Step lightly on the earth.
|ex2=He took a careless step and fell off.
|ex2=He took a careless step and fell off.
|comments="Step ''on''" seems like another useful word, if not formed with this one.
{{lep|n=trample, step on
|ex1=Don't step on that!
|ex2=The 'angtsìk almost trampled us!

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Lexical Expansion Project

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bend, flex (A)

The plant bends in the wind.
She bent over the viperwolf.
He bent the bow too far, so it broke.

cross (v.) (A)

intersect, bisect
A hexapede crossed my territory today.
I hope our paths cross again.

raise, elevate, lift (B)

She was asleep so I lifted her up and put her in the hammock.
I raised my bow and took aim.

shake, tremble (A)

The ikran shook its wings to get the water off.
Shake a tree branch to get fruit to fall. (causative)
Sky people shake when afraid.

wrap, surround (A)

He wrapped the cloth around her.
The grass surrounded him.

sink (C)

limp, move with impairment (C)

His horse limped after they ran too fast.
I have limped ever since that day.

climb (B)

When will we climb Iknimaya?
He was climbing the tree, but fell off.

jump (spä) (C)

Jake jumped from the top of the tree.
Jake jumped on a pa'li.
Is jumping onto something the same like jumping down? How about jumping up and down?

land (v.) (B)

touch down after a jump
might with tì- become "step"

rise (v) (C)

After he crashed on the ground, Jake rised again.
Is rising from the ground the same like rising of a planet/sun (see: Physical world)?

crawl (A)

move on all fours

swing (A)

from a vine, like Tarzan

trip (v.) (B)

causing another person/animal to lose their balance

stumble (B)

I stumbled over a root
including falling or not

lose hold, slip (B)

different words for slipping with your hands or your feet

sluggish (B)

like a heavy giant leaf compared to an elastic little branch

nimble, quick (B)

circle, move around (C)

The thanator circled its prey

skip (B)

move by small jumps

pounce (A)

the palulukan does this, and Neytiri to save powered-down Jake from raging Tsu’tey

leap (A)

to jump upwards – I'd expect the Na’vi to use this a lot

leaf-fall (B)

the controlled fall where you grab onto the foliage to decelerate – needs a separate verb or noun

jump attack (A)

Neytiri and Tsu’tey do this, seems to be a traditional Na’vi move – perhaps the same as pounce

walk on all fours (A)

Hungarian: négykézláb (= four-hands-feet); again, the Na’vi do this a lot, deserves a standalone verb

crouch (B)

also with one leg extended to the side, favored pose of Neytiri

evade detection, escape something's notice, move without being noticed (B)

I was hunting the yerik, but it evaded me.
He evaded (snuck up on) the Tawtute and captured him.
Don't let this matter evade (escape) you (your attention).
Lifted (and slightly stretched semantically) from Ancient Greek λανθάνω.

block, get in the way (C)

A thanator was blocking my way.
Don't get in my way!
Extend to idea of "interfere?"

flee (C)

Run away! It's a thanator!

leak (C)

I think my cup is leaking water.

spill (C)

Be careful! I spilled yerik grease there.

carry, bear (n) (C)

I carried this yerik all the way from Three Rivers.
Here, you carry the baby for a while.

crash (C)

I wasn't paying attention and crashed my ikran.

step, take a step (C)

Step lightly on the earth.
He took a careless step and fell off.

trample, step on (C)

Don't step on that!
The 'angtsìk almost trampled us!

withdraw, retreat, fall back (C)

They have too many warriors — we must withdraw.
We will never retreat!