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Lexical Expansion Project

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bend, flex (A)

The plant bends in the wind.
She bent over the viperwolf.
He bent the bow too far, so it broke.

cross (v.) (A)

intersect, bisect
A hexapede crossed my territory today.
I hope our paths cross again.

raise, elevate, lift (B)

She was asleep so I lifted her up and put her in the hammock.
I raised my bow and took aim.

shake, tremble (A)

The ikran shook its wings to get the water off.
Shake a tree branch to get fruit to fall. (causative)
Sky people shake when afraid.

turn (A)

The plant turns towards the sun.
She turned to me.
She turned (trans) the ikran.
Turn around is often a separate lexical item than just turn in general.

wrap, surround (A)

He wrapped the cloth around her.
The grass surrounded him.

float, hover (C)

sink (C)

limp, move with impairment (C)

His horse limped after they ran too fast.
I have limped ever since that day.

climb (B)

When will we climb Iknimaya?
He was climbing the tree, but fell off.

to jump ()

Jake jumped from the top of the tree.
Jake jumped on a pa'li.

to rise ()

After he crashed on the ground, Jake rised again.