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Lexical Expansion Project

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paradise, afterlife (A)

do the Na'vi "move on"? if so, to where? by what means?

sacrifice (B)

also generally to give up something loved for a perceived greater good

ritual, ceremony (A)

e.g. Jake's adoption into Omatikaya

unholy, cursed (B)

opposite of swok

unholy place, cursed place (B)

opposite of swotu
is swotu correct?

holy person (B)

opposite of vrrtep?
we might need Cameron to answer this, first

blessing (B)

gift from Eywa

curse (n. or v.) (B)

The Tsahìk called down a curse upon the murdering skypeople
Curse you, ma vrrtep!

miracle (B)

e.g. Eywa sending the Pandoran wildlife to help the Na'vi defeat the Sky-People
would the Na'vi have this concept?

abomination (C)

a vile, shameful, evil deed and/or person
communicating the deepest spiritual loathing
might be something like cutting off another Na'vi's queue for no good reason other than, well, you just didn't like him

grave, funeral (B)

seen in the movie

destiny, fate, providence (B)

where do the Na'vi stand in the Free Will debate?