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{{lep|n=bring up, rear (a child)
{{lep|n=bring up, rear (a child)
{{lep|n=adult person
{{lep|n=elder, older person
|comments=does age bring with it respect?

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face (B)

social reputation

owe, debt (B)

enemy (B)

Opposite of "friend." Greek distinguishes personal enmity from political or wartime enemies.

surrender, capitulate (B)

associate with, hang out with (A)

Don't hang out with sky people!

free (A)

not restricted
not confined
at liberty

gain, obtain, attain (v.tr.) (B)

Through hard work, he gained the people's hearts.
No matter what he does, he can never obtain a Toruk skull.
After years of waiting, he attained the position of olo'eyktan.
antonym of tatep?

to give as a present (B)

German: Mein Mann schenkt mir oft Blumen. (= My husband often gives flowers (as a present) to me.)
The German "schenken" isn't the same than just "give" or "grant", it describes the action of giving something to a person in order to make this person happy. Social position or alike isn't considered at all, when "schenken" is used (unlike "grant", where the direction of the action is always "above -> below").

intimate, close to somebody (B)

earn (A)

Earn your keep
You've earned a beating (skxawng!)
Even if the Na'vi society doesn't use money or even trading for that matter, the concept of "earning" is still likely to exist.

due, deserved fate, comeuppance (B)

Not with a negative connotation (as it usually has in English), but rather when someone "gets what they earned/deserve"

fidelity, faithfulness,loyalty (n); faithful, loyal (adj) (B)

Dionysius admits the moral value of fidelity and asks to be considered as a friend in their midst.
He has always been faithful to the rules of the Na'vi people.
No-one dared to question his loyalty to the Na'vi.

revenge (B)

Obviously something the Na'vi understand (at least conceptually) with Jake's "well we will send THEM a message" speech.

to forgive (B)

Might be "txoa si"?

avenge (C)

get revenge for (someone else)
constructible from "revenge"?

vindicate (C)

This word typically has a more noble connotation than "avenge", and usually means "to get justice for" some other party that is typically otherwise unable to get justice for themselves.

justice (B)

normal, ordinary, expected, typical (A)

It was normal for him to be here.
It was just another typical rain on Pandora.

ally (n. or v.) (B)

Na'vi clans allied with each other.
Ancient Greek has σύμμαχος – "someone who fights together with you", "brother in arm" . Συμμαχία then means alliance, "fighting together".

mutual, in common (C)

obey, disobey (B)

belong, fit in (B)

I belong in the Na'vi community.

satisfy, please (A)

I'll do anything to please you.

respect (n. and v.) (A)

polite, respectful (A)

about words and behavior

bring up, rear (a child) (B)

adult person (A)

elder, older person (A)

does age bring with it respect?