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== Local Adpositions ==
== Local Adpositions ==
|ex1=He walks into the forest.
{{lep|n=across from
{{lep|n=across from
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|ex1=He came to us across from the ocean.
|ex1=He came to us across from the ocean.
{{lep|n=down, down from
|ex1=(E) He jumps down/from? the tree.
|ex2=(D) Er springt vom Baum herunter.
|ex3=(L) De arbore saltat.
|ex1=These rocks float above the clouds!
{{lep|n=around, past
|ex1=They went around the forest.
|ex2=(D) Sie gingen um den Wald herum. = Sie umgingen den Wald.
|ex3=(L) Praeter silvam ierunt.
|comments="movement, passing by a place, not entering it, but moving around it"

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left / right (C)

Is orientation based on the speaker or the listener? that is, if you have s.t. on your right cheek, it it your right or mine? When someone talks about two people that stood side by side. Does a narrator use "left" an "right" from the view of the subject or object or from an external point(in most cases his own position) wich might be the same over several sentences? This depends a lot on cultural axioms!

spatial awareness (C)

what effect does living in a 3-D world have on spatial vocab? if you're upside-down and I say "look up", which direction is it?

special directions (B)

cardinal directions, left/right, to/from Hometree or some sacred spot, or some combination? if s.o. uses gestures in retelling an event, can you tell where they were standing at the time just from that?

direction (B)

Which way did it go?
Which direction to I do I turn.
There may be some idiom for this?

height (B)

"height" is both tallness and altitude in English. any reason for it to be in Na'vi? (In German "tallness" is "Größe" (= 'bigness'), but "altitude" is "Höhe" (= height).

Korean tight fit vs. mere contact.

north, south, east, west (C)

Will Na'vi even have these cardinal directions? On the other hand, they do seem ubiquitous for Humans, often relating to the movements of the sun.

contain, container (B)

constructible from "inside"?

high (A)

discrete word referring to stature?

low (A)

discrete word referring to stature?

Local Adpositions

across from (A)

He came to us across from the ocean.

shape following (C)

"parallel things; a twiner plant that grows on a trunk; a path that follows a stream; a fruit that is hold by leaves that form a goblet; clothes that fit well" [1]

the inner side of a seperating (relativly thin) shape (C)

behind the wall
under the cloth
walk between two rows of guards
wich side is meant depends heavily on the context

overlapping/intersect (C)

the mine was expanded into our territory
the segments of a chain holds together because the intersect each other

beyond, past (B)

Go past the tree over there.
They have walked beyond that hill.