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Lexical Expansion Project

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is past & future associated w space? behind & ahead as in English, ahead and behind as in Aymara, or maybe above and below, tied in w Eywa?

already, by this time, by then (A)

She already knows this.
The sky people will be gone by then.
In some languages the already word shades into right now or just that moment, too.

forever, evermore (B)

Distinct from frakrr --- ne frakrr, mì frakrr (like Homeric ἐς αἰεί, "into forever")

for (span of time) (A)

He was king for a day
what is the best way to express "during"? <er> + a krr?

opportunity (B)

in the past (experience) (B)

I used to do X in the past, but that's behind me now

it's about time (A)

expressiong indicating that the speaker has waited for and expected something to happen, and has grown impatient about it

early (A)

The sky people arrived early!
A different sense for "when the day is starting" vs. "too soon"?

late (A)

He was late for his own dream hunt.

morning (A)

there's "evening" on K. Pawl's list, but no morning

since, ago, for (A)

I have wanted to learn Na'vi since I first heard it spoken.
I have wanted to master Na'vi for awhile(or some unit of time) now.
Almost three months ago I saw avatar for the first time.