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Lexical Expansion Project

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flesh, meat (A)

pelt (n) (B)

skin of an animal collected for other uses

rawhide (n) (C)

Dried, but untrested skin; this is what is usually used for drum heads, and among humans, sometimes armor.

leather (n), to tan (C)

coup de grace (B)

the action of a death blow intended to end the suffering of a wounded creature/person
Jake does this in the movie ("A clean kill. You are ready.")

retrieving an arrow from a body (C)

Good shot! Now <retrieve>.

hunting while on a mount (C)

After Jake chooses his ikran, he will <ikran-hunt> with us for the first time.
different verbs for different animals?

different types of poisons (B)

poisoning arrows or knives (C)

Do not <poison-verb> to hunt nantang... it will spoil the meat.

various relative distance terms (C)

within the distance of a leap, within interactable distance (run towards, shoot a bow, get attacked by the palulukan, etc), within visible distance (no immediate interaction is possible), out of sight
in the context of hunting prey

hunting party (B)


draw (bow) (C)

release (arrow) (C)

distinct from "shoot"?

track, trail, spoor (A)

ambush (v. and n.) (A)

prey, game, object of the hunt (A)

arrowhead (C)

bowstring (C)


punch (v.) (A)

hitting with a fist
He curled his hand into a fist and punched the man in the face

kick (v.) (A)

hitting with a foot
He side kicked her in the ribs, and she collapsed to the ground

chop (B)

hitting with the edge of a flat hand

slap (B)

strike using the palm, fingers or inside of hand
She was done with his 'wooing' and slapped him across the face

knee (v.) (B)

hitting with a knee

elbow (v.) (B)

hitting with an elbow

headbutt (C)

hitting with the forehead

slice (v.) (B)

a fast sweeping arc done with a knife to utilize the edge to inflict damage, rather than the point

slash (v.) (B)

Similar to slice, but less clean, as if cut by a rough object like jagged rocks or a claw.

stab, puncture (B)

a quick linear thrust of a blade or sharp object

scratch (C)

superficial damage to the skin

shove, push (a person) (B)

Neytiri pushed Jake away from her when she started getting angry.

wrestle (B)

Neytiri managed to wrestle Tsu'tey off of Jake's avatar before he cut his throat.