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Lexical Expansion Project

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If a word has a red star in front of it, that means it is possible that it is a word already in the Frommerian canon, and we may not need it. But the check for this is crude, so don't take that as proof of duplication.

"I wonder ..." (*kana) (B)
"ex-" (B)
"lose heart" (C)
"particle of unimportance" (*ängal) (B)
(in) ancient times (B)
(in) times long forgotten (B)
(take a) risk (C)
-times (B)
Bon Appétit! (B)
Eywanian Energy (C)
Eywanian Matter (C)
I mean (C)
Keep it up! (C)
Kent (Alpha Centauri B) (C)
Morgenrot/Abendrot (B)
Polyphemus (A)
Unobtanium (B)
a borborygmus (C)
a lost or missing part (C)
a second "or" (maybe even four "ors"?) (A)
a single heartbeat (C)
a/to splash (C)
abomination (C)
absent minded (C)
account (B)
accuse (C)
across from (A)
actively engaged (C)
actual (A)
adj) (B)
admit guilt (C)
adorn (C)
adult (B)
adult person (A)
advise (C)
aerie (C)
affecting noninvolved persons or things (A)
affectionate (B)
affix (v) (C)
afflict (C)
afterlife (A)
aggressive (B)
ago (A)
alas (C)
alert (C)
ally (n. or v.) (B)
* almost (C)
aloof (B)
already (A)
altruistic (C)
amae (B)
ambush (v. and n.) (A)
angle (C)
animal companion (C)
animal sounds (A)
ankle (C)
announce (B)
annoy somebody (B)
annoyed (B)
antenna (the paired queues of animals) (B)
anticipate (A)
anus (C)
anxious (A)
any vile substance that doesnt belong where it is (C)
anyway (C)
appalled (A)
apply (A)
approve (B)
arc (C)
arch (A)
areola (C)
argue (A)
armband (C)
arms (C)
arrange (C)
arrowhead (C)
as (conj) (B)
ash (B)
aspect (C)
asphyxiate (B)
assert ownership of (C)
associate with (A)
asylum (C)
at alast (C)
at hand (B)
attach (C)
attain (v.tr.) (B)
attend to (A)
attentive (C)
attire (A)
aurora (C)
available (B)
avenge (C)
average (C)
avoid (B)
aware (C)
awe (C)
back into condition (C)
back into shape (C)
bake (A)
baker (A)
balance (B)
balcony/branch (C)
bank (steep/grassy) (B)
bare (C)
bare teeth (B)
barely (adv) (B)
bargain (C)
bark (B)
barter (C)
base (B)
basin (C)
basket (A)
be a certain age (B)
be anxious (B)
be appropriate (C)
be contingent upon (C)
be dazzled (B)
be in a good position to grab (B)
be in labor (C)
be of a certain dimension (B)
be pregnant (B)
be reflected (C)
be right (A)
be so long (B)
be so wide (B)
be sore (B)
be suitable (C)
be tipsy (B)
be unable to decide (C)
be uncertain (that) (vtr.) (B)
be utterly disappointed (C)
be wrong (A)
beach (sandy/gravel) (B)
bead (C)
bean (A)
bear (B)
bear (n) (C)
beating oneself up (C)
become accustomed (C)
bed/hammock (B)
beg (B)
beget (C)
behave toward someone (C)
behavior (C)
behold (B)
belch (C)
* believe (C)
belittle (B)
belong (B)
belt (B)
bend (A)
benefit (C)
berate (B)
berry (C)
besides (A)
beyond (B)
bioluminescence (C)
bioluminescent stripe (B)
* bite (A)
bladder (C)
blame (A)
bleed (C)
blend (B)
blessing (B)
blink (v) (B)
block (C)
bluff (C)
boat (C)
body (tokx) (B)
body armour / armour plates that animals have (B)
body stripe (B)
boil (n) (C)
boil (v) (B)
bolide (C)
bone (A)
boo (B)
bore (v) (C)
bored (C)
boring (C)
borrow (A)
bothered (B)
bowl (B)
bowstring (C)
boyfriend (B)
braid (n. and v.) (B)
branch (B)
bravo (B)
bread (A)
break (bones) (A)
break (v.) (C)
break someones heart (C)
break tsaheylu (C)
breast (B)
breath (C)
breathe (C)
breeze (C)
brew (B)
bridge (C)
bright (A)
bring up (B)
broad (A)
broken will (C)
broth (B)
brown (A)
brush (C)
bug (B)
bulge (B)
bundle (B)
bundle (n. or v.) (B)
burdened (B)
burnt (B)
burrow (n. or v.) (C)
bury (B)
busy (C)
butcher (B)
buttocks (B)
by accident (A)
by chance (A)
by then (A)
by this time (A)
candle (A)
canopy (A)
cant be bothered (C)
capitulate (B)
carcass (C)
care (A)
careful (B)
carrion (C)
carry (C)
carry a rider (C)
carve (C)
cascade (C)
catch (an illness) (C)
catch (v.) (B)
catch ones eye (A)
catch up on (or) for (B)
causative of adjectives (A)
cause to suffer (C)
caustic (C)
cave (n) (C)
celebrate (C)
ceremony (A)
chain (B)
chair (C)
* chance (A)
chaos (C)
cheat (C)
cheek (C)
cheerful (A)
cherish (A)
chip (v.) (B)
choke (B)
chop (B)
circle (C)
claim (C)
* clan (A)
claw (C)
clean (v.) (A)
clear (of the sky) (A)
climate (B)
climb (B)
clique (C)
close call (C)
close the eyes (B)
close to somebody (B)
cloth (A)
clothed (C)
clothes (A)
clothing (A)
cloud (B)
cloudy (A)
clumsy (C)
co-(grand)parent-in-law (B)
co-sib-in-law (B)
coarse (B)
coast (B)
cock the ear (B)
* cold (C)
collapse (v.) (B)
collect (A)
collection (B)
comb (C)
come down with (C)
come to decisions (A)
comeuppance (B)
comfort (C)
comfort or heal depression (B)
commit to memory (B)
compare (C)
compete (C)
complex (C)
compromise (C)
concerned (A)
condemn (C)
confident (B)
confused (A)
confused vision (C)
congratulate (C)
congratulations (B)
consent to (B)
conspicuous (C)
contain (B)
container (B)
contempt (C)
content (A)
continue to (B)
contract (C)
contradict (B)
control (n. or v.) (B)
convince (A)
cooking pot (B)
corpse (B)
corrosive (C)
cough (n) (C)
cough (v) (C)
council (A)
coup de grace (B)
coward (A)
cowardly (A)
crash (C)
crawl (A)
credit (B)
crime (C)
cross (v.) (A)
crouch (B)
crowd (C)
cruel (A)
crush (B)
crux (C)
crystal (C)
cub (B)
cure (C)
cure (v) (C)
curious (A)
current (B)
curse (B)
curse (n. or v.) (B)
cursed (B)
cursed place (B)
curved (B)
custom (A)
data (C)
datum (C)
dead body (B)
deaf (C)
deal with (A)
debt (B)
decorations (C)
decrease (C)
deep (A)
defeat (vtr) (B)
defecate (C)
delay (C)
deliberate (A)
delicate (C)
delicious (A)
demand (B)
den (B)
dense (B)
dent (B)
deny (C)
depend on (C)
depressed (B)
depression (C)
describe (B)
desert (B)
deserved fate (B)
designed device (C)
detail (C)
detailed (C)
determined (B)
dew (C)
diametrically different (C)
different types of poisons (C)
difficult (A)
diligent (C)
dimension (C)
dining room/hall (C)
direction (B)
dirt (B)
disability (C)
disagree (A)
disappear (C)
disappointed (also v.) (A)
disaster (C)
disconnect (C)
disconnected (B)
disgust (C)
disgusted (A)
disgusting schmutz (C)
disinterested (C)
disobey (B)
dispute (A)
* dive (B)
divide (B)
dizziness (C)
do something wrongly (B)
domestic/bonded animal (B)
don (A)
dont give up (C)
door (B)
doorway (B)
doubt (B)
down on something (C)
download (A)
downwind (C)
drainage (C)
* draw (A)
draw (bow) (C)
dream that is completely out of whack (C)
drop (n and v) (B)
drown (B)
drug (C)
due (B)
dull (C)
durable (B)
duty (C)
each other (A)
eagle-eyed (B)
early (A)
earn (A)
earring (C)
earthquake (C)
east (C)
eccentric (C)
echo (C)
edge (B)
egg (C)
elaborated (C)
elbow (v.) (B)
elder (A)
elegant (B)
elevate (B)
embarrassed (B)
embrace (B)
emotion (C)
emotional rock bottom (B)
emotional scarring (C)
emotional withdrawal (C)
empty (C)
* end (A)
endure (C)
* enemy (B)
energy (A)
enforce (C)
enigma (C)
entertain (B)
enthralled (adj. or stative v.) (A)
entrails (C)
entrance (B)
entrapment etc.) (vtr.) (A)
envision (A)
envy (n. or v. or adj.) (B)
epidemic (C)
erode (C)
escape somethings notice (B)
especially (C)
esteem (C)
estimate (C)
eternal (adv) (B)
eternity (n) (B)
eureka (A)
evade detection (B)
evermore (B)
evidential piece of a former whole (C)
* example (A)
exchange (A)
excite (B)
excited (adj. or stative v.) (A)
excuse (C)
execute (C)
exhaust (C)
exhausted (C)
expect (A)
expected (A)
experience (v and n) (B)
experience through tsaheylu (A)
explain (a fact or situation) (B)
explore (C)
explosion (C)
exquisite (C)
extract (A)
exuding bad energy (C)
eye of Polyphemus (C)
eyelid (C)
* face (B)
facet (C)
facial stripe (B)
facial striping pattern (B)
factor (C)
fade (C)
fail (a test) (B)
faint (C)
faithfulness (B)
fall asleep (A)
fall back (C)
falling apart (C)
familiar (vs.) unknown (B)
* family (A)
famous (C)
fan lizard (C)
fart (v) (C)
fascinating (B)
fat (B)
favorite (C)
feast (B)
feces (C)
feed (not yomtìng) (C)
* feel (A)
feel sympathy (B)
ferment (B)
fern (A)
fertile (C)
fetus (C)
fidelity (B)
finally (C)
finger (zekwä) (C)
firepit (B)
fireplace (B)
firewood (C)
firm (C)
firm at (C)
* fish (B)
fist (C)
fit (C)
fit in (B)
fix (A)
flat (C)
flavor (n) (= fahew?) (B)
flee (C)
fletching (C)
flex (A)
flexible (C)
float (B)
flood (C)
floor (B)
flow (n) (B)
flow outward (C)
flying animal (B)
fog (B)
fold (v.) (C)
follow ones heart (C)
foolish (A)
footwear (C)
for (A)
for (span of time) (A)
for instance (A)
forage (A)
force (v.) (B)
forehead (C)
forensic evidence (C)
foresee (A)
foreseeable (A)
forever (B)
forget (A)
forgive (B)
fork in branch (C)
* former (B)
foundation (B)
fragmefact (C)
fragrant (C)
free (adj) (A)
free (v) (B)
freedom (C)
* friend (A)
frond (A)
frown (B)
fruit (A)
frustrated (C)
fumes (C)
funeral (B)
funny/humerous (adj.) (C)
fur (C)
furious (adj. or stative v.) (A)
gain (B)
* game (A)
garden (C)
gas (C)
gather (A)
gather food (A)
gel (C)
generous (C)
gentle (C)
geometrical shapes (A)
germ (C)
germane (C)
gesture (C)
get entangled (B)
get in the way (C)
get up (A)
get used to (C)
gift (C)
gills (C)
girlfriend (B)
give as a present (B)
give birth (B)
give up hope (C)
glowing (A)
go into labor (C)
go to bed (A)
go to sleep (A)
gradu (C)
grain (C)
grandchild (B)
grandparent (B)
grass (C)
grateful (B)
gratitude (B)
grave (B)
gravel (C)
graze (C)
grease (B)
grind (B)
grooming each other (C)
grouchy (A)
growl (A)
grumpy (A)
guard (v) (C)
guess (A)
guilty (C)
gunk (C)
haggle (C)
half (A)
half-hearted (C)
hall (B)
hallucination (C)
handle (A)
handle (n) (C)
hang (C)
hang in there (C)
hang ones head (B)
hang out with (A)
* happy (A)
hard-working (C)
hardly (B)
harvest (A)
hate (A)
have "the vapors" (C)
have in ones hands (A)
having a light touch (C)
having finesse (C)
headbutt (C)
heal (v intr.) (A)
heavy (A)
height (B)
hell no (B)
helpless (B)
herbs (medicinal) (B)
here it is (B)
hesitant (B)
hide (v.) (A)
* high (A)
hill (A)
hint at (v.tr.) (B)
hip (C)
hiss (B)
hit (v.) (A)
hold (A)
hold back (C)
hold in (C)
hold ones breath (B)
hold out (C)
hold up (C)
hole (A)
holy person (B)
homesick (C)
honest (C)
hoof (C)
horizon (B)
horizontal (C)
horrible (B)
* hot (C)
how (degree) (C)
huh? (C)
hunger (A)
hungry (A)
hunting party (B)
hunting while on a mount (C)
ice (C)
identity (C)
ignite (A)
ignorant (A)
ignore (C)
illustrate (B)
imagine (A)
imitate (C)
immediately (B)
immer (mehr usw.) (C)
impatience (B)
impatient (B)
impede (C)
impose (C)
impoverished (C)
impressive (A)
* in (C)
in common (C)
in the past (experience) (B)
in vain (particle) (B)
incise (C)
increase morale (B)
increasingly (C)
indifferent (B)
inept (C)
infect (B)
inferior (C)
information (C)
informative particle (*fay) (B)
infraction (C)
infuse (C)
infusion (C)
injury (B)
innocent (C)
* insect (B)
insinuate (B)
inspired (C)
instruct (B)
* instruction (B)
intend (A)
interest (A)
interesting (A)
interrupt (v.) (B)
intestines (C)
intimate (B)
introduce (B)
intuition (A)
invite (C)
ironic (B)
irritated (B)
island (B)
itch (v) (B)
its about time (A)
jewelry (C)
job (A)
joke (n. or v.) (B)
joking (C)
juice (B)
jump (spä) (C)
jump attack (A)
just (adv.) (B)
just in time (B)
justice (B)
keep (B)
keep (on) (B)
keep to oneself (C)
kick (v.) (A)
kidney (C)
kind (A)
kind (adj) (A)
kind (n) (A)
kindling (C)
kiss (pom) (B)
knee (v.) (B)
kneel (B)
knot (n. vtr. and derivations) (B)
known (B)
lactate (C)
ladder (B)
lair (n) (B)
lament (B)
lamp (A)
land (v.) (B)
late (A)
later (B)
laugh/smile (hangham) (C)
lava (C)
law (A)
lay back the ears (B)
lazy (C)
* leaf (A)
leaf-fall (B)
leak (C)
leap (A)
leather (n) (C)
lee (C)
left / right (C)
leftover (C)
legend (B)
* level (B)
lick (v) (A)
lie (v. or n.) (A)
lie down (B)
lift (B)
lift spirits (B)
light (not heavy) (A)
lightning (B)
* like (A)
like (conj) (B)
limbs (C)
limp (C)
liver (C)
load (v. and n.) (B)
log (B)
loincloth (C)
lonely (A)
long for (C)
loom (A)
lose hold (B)
loth (B)
* love (B)
loving (B)
* low (A)
lower body (A)
loyal (adj) (B)
loyalty (n); faithful (B)
luck (A)
luminous (adj) (A)
lungs (C)
magnet (C)
main space (B)
maintain (C)
majority (C)
* make (A)
make a speech (B)
make fun of (B)
male/female (in animals) (C)
mammals / vertebrates (C)
mangy (C)
marsh (B)
massage (B)
master (n) (B)
mate (A)
matter/material (C)
mature (B)
maybe (*kamo) (B)
mean (A)
meander (C)
meaningful (A)
measure (C)
* meeting (A)
meeting hall (B)
melt (C)
memorize (B)
mend (A)
mercy (A)
merely (B)
mesa (C)
mess up (C)
meteor (C)
method (C)
mid-day (C)
might (B)
mild (C)
mild grade (C)
milk (B)
mimic (C)
miracle (B)
mis- (B)
miss (C)
mission (A)
mist (B)
mix (B)
moderate (C)
mohawk (B)
mole (C)
month (B)
moon (B)
morning (A)
most (C)
mountain (A)
mourn (B)
move around (C)
move with impairment (C)
move without being noticed (B)
moving (emotionally) (B)
mud (B)
mud flat (C)
mumble (C)
muscle (B)
musical instrument (B)
mutter (C)
mutual (C)
mystery (C)
myth (B)
nadir (C)
nails (of fingers and toes) (B)
naive (C)
naked (C)
narrate (A)
narrow (A)
nation (A)
naturally (C)
navel (C)
near-death experience (B)
nearly (C)
* neck (B)
necklace (C)
needle (C)
negative (C)
neglect (B)
negotiate a trade (C)
neither (B)
nervous (A)
nest (B)
net (C)
network (n) (C)
neutral (C)
never mind (B)
next (conj (B)
nimble (B)
ninja-like (C)
nipple (B)
no worries (C)
nock (C)
noise (A)
noon (C)
normal (A)
north (C)
nostalgic (C)
nostrils (C)
not hungry (A)
not textured (B)
not thirsty (C)
notice (A)
nude (C)
nurse (v) (C)
nut (A)
* obey (B)
object of the hunt (A)
object to (C)
obligation (C)
observant (B)
obtain (B)
obvious (C)
occupied (C)
of a contrary meaning (C)
of course (C)
of great importance (A)
offal (C)
offer (v. and n.) (A)
oil (B)
older person (A)
* on (C)
on purpose (B)
ones own (A)
only (not "nìaw" - exclusively) (B)
operculum (C)
oppose (C)
opposite (C)
oppress (C)
order (B)
order (put in order) (C)
ordinary (A)
organize (B)
ornaments (C)
orphan (C)
ought to (B)
outcast (C)
outcome (C)
over my dead body (B)
overcast (A)
overlapping/intersect (C)
overripe (B)
overthrow (C)
owe (B)
own (v) (C)
package (B)
paint (art) (A)
palm (of hand) (C)
paradise (A)
parasitic worm (C)
parent(s) (A)
part of the head which doesnt belong to the face (C)
particle of splipped memory (*kxe) (B)
particle to answer back someone (*torr) (B)
partner (C)
pass the news around (C)
* past (B)
pasture (C)
patience (B)
patient (B)
paw (C)
* peaceful (C)
peak (A)
pelt (n) (B)
peninsula (C)
perch (v) (C)
perfect (C)
persuade (A)
pertinent (C)
pet (C)
phases of Polyphemus and moons (C)
phenomenon / emergence / happening (C)
physical attractiveness (B)
physical unattractiveness (B)
pick (a fruit) (A)
pickle (v.) (C)
pile (up) (C)
pimple (C)
piquant (C)
plague (C)
plain (C)
plains (B)
* plan (A)
planet (B)
plateau (C)
play music (A)
playful (C)
pleasant anticipation (B)
* please (A)
pliant (C)
pod (A)
point (C)
point (n.) (A)
point (v.) (A)
poisoning arrows or knives (C)
polite (A)
portion out (B)
positive (C)
postpone (C)
pounce (A)
pour (A)
powerless (B)
practice (v and n) (A)
prairie (B)
praise (n. or v.) (B)
pray (B)
predatory animal (vs.) prey animal (B)
predict (A)
predictable (A)
pretend (C)
prey (A)
prey (v) (C)
private parts (B)
product of skilled craftsmanship created for a purpose (C)
profit (C)
prolemuris (B)
prominent (C)
propose (B)
protest (C)
* pull (A)
pull out (A)
punch (v.) (A)
puncture (B)
punish (B)
punishment (B)
pup (B)
pus (C)
push (a person) (B)
put in order (B)
put on (A)
put onto a surface (A)
put up with (C)
puzzle (C)
puzzled (adj. or stative v.) (A)
quality (A)
queue (A)
quick (B)
race (of the heart) (C)
raft (C)
rainbow (B)
raise (B)
random (C)
rare (C)
rather (C)
ratty (C)
raw (B)
rawhide (n) (C)
react (C)
read (B)
real (A)
realize (C)
rear (a child) (B)
reason (v.) (C)
reasonable (A)
reckon (C)
recline (B)
recognize (C)
recover (from a disease) (B)
redeem (C)
redeemer (C)
redemption (C)
reef (C)
reflect (C)
refuse (a request) (C)
regardless (B)
regret (B)
regretful (B)
release (arrow) (C)
relevant (C)
reliable (B)
rely on (C)
remedy (C)
remember (A)
remove (from enclosure (A)
repair (A)
repulse (C)
repulsive detritus (C)
require (B)
resentment at feeling gratitude (C)
resist (B)
resolute (B)
resource (C)
respect (n. and v.) (A)
respectful (A)
restrain (C)
result (C)
retreat (C)
retrieving an arrow from a body (C)
revenge (B)
revere (C)
riap roi (Thai) (C)
riddle (B)
right away (B)
rim (B)
rip (B)
rise (of a sun/planet) (A)
rise (v) (C)
ritual (A)
river/lake/sea bed (C)
roll (B)
rolling terrain (C)
roof/ceiling (C)
rookerie (C)
rope (B)
rough (B)
rub (B)
rudeness of making s.o. grateful (C)
ruin (v) (C)
rustle (v.) (B)
sacrifice (B)
saddle (B)
salivate (B)
salt (n. and v.) (A)
sand (C)
sand bar (C)
sand dune (C)
sanity (A)
sap (B)
sarcastic (B)
sated (A)
satisfied (A)
satisfy (A)
scar (B)
scare (B)
scary (B)
scat (C)
scatter (C)
scavenge (C)
scavenger (C)
scold (B)
scorn (n. or v. or adj.) (C)
scout (v.) (C)
scowl (B)
scranchipy (C)
scrape (B)
scratch (C)
scratch (v) (B)
season (A)
secret (C)
seismic fault (C)
self (A)
semen (C)
sense (n.) (B)
sensible (A)
sentence (C)
serendipity (C)
serene (C)
serious (C)
serious (mood or temperment) (C)
serious hurt feelings (C)
set (of a sun/planet) (A)
severe (C)
shabby (C)
shade (A)
shadow (A)
shake (A)
shallow (A)
shame (B)
shameful (B)
shape following (C)
share (v) (A)
shatter (B)
shine (C)
shocked (adj. or stative v.) (A)
shoes (C)
shooting star (C)
shore (B)
should (B)
shoulder (B)
shove (B)
shrink (C)
side (lateral part of upper-body) (C)
side-to-side (C)
sigh (n) (B)
sigh (v) (B)
sight (B)
signify (A)
simultaneously (B)
since (A)
sinew (C)
sink (C)
sire (C)
sit (A)
situation (C)
* size (C)
skeleton (A)
skill (B)
skip (B)
slap (B)
slash (v.) (B)
sleeping area (B)
slice (v.) (B)
slide (B)
slight (C)
slip (B)
slippery (B)
slope (C)
sluggish (B)
smoke (v.) (B)
smooth (B)
snap (v) (C)
snarl (B)
sneakretive (C)
sneaky+secretive (C)
sneeze (C)
sniff (A)
snot (n) (C)
snow (C)
so-so (C)
soil (n.) (B)
sokusek (i即席) (C)
sole (of foot) (C)
some (A)
some (amount) (A)
sorrow (A)
sort (n) (A)
sound (good) (B)
soup (B)
sour (B)
* source (B)
south (C)
spatial awareness (C)
speak in council (B)
spearhead (B)
special directions (B)
species (n) (A)
sperm (C)
spicy ("hot") (C)
spicy (hot) (C)
spike (B)
spill (C)
spin (fibers (C)
spine (visible/touchable vertical line on the back) (C)
spinning (A)
spit (B)
spoiled (B)
spoor (A)
spouse (A)
sprawling (C)
spread the word (C)
spring (B)
squeeze (B)
stab (B)
stable (B)
stables (C)
stairs (C)
stand up (B)
stare (v) (B)
start a fire (A)
starve (C)
steal (B)
stealthily cunning (C)
steam (B)
steep (C)
step (C)
step on (C)
stick the tongue out (B)
sticky (B)
stiff (C)
stoic (C)
storage area (C)
store (A)
storm (A)
* story (B)
stove (B)
strap (B)
stratagem (C)
stretch (A)
stretch (v) (B)
stubborn (B)
stuff (C)
stumble (B)
substance (C)
succeed despite idiocy (C)
suckle (C)
sudden (C)
suddenly lose consciousness (C)
suffer (C)
suffocate (B)
suggest (B)
suggest (v.tr.) (B)
superior (C)
supernatural (C)
support (C)
surf (C)
surprise (adj./v./n.) (B)
surprised (B)
surprising (of a thing which was said) (C)
surrender (B)
surround (A)
survive (A)
suspect (B)
swallow (C)
swamp (B)
swap (B)
swapping (B)
swear (B)
swim (A)
swing (A)
symmetric (C)
symmetry (C)
sympathy (B)
table (C)
tableland (C)
taboo (C)
tacky (B)
take a step (C)
take flight (C)
take off (C)
talent (B)
talk loudly or angrily (A)
tan (v) (C)
tar (C)
task (A)
taste (B)
taste (v) (B)
taste (vtr) (A)
tastless (A)
tasty (A)
tattered (C)
tear(s) (C)
temporarily crazy (C)
tendency (C)
tendon (C)
tendril light of the transmogrification (C)
tendrils (of the queue) (B)
tensed (adj) (B)
terminal point (A)
textiles (A)
the back (dorsal part of the upper-body) (C)
the breathing vents (C)
the fire in the eyes (C)
the inner side of a seperating (relativly thin) shape (C)
the light of tsaheylu (C)
the luck is changing (B)
the saliva (B)
the two types of "but" (A)
then after that (conj) (B)
thermal (C)
thick (plant life) (B)
think about (C)
thirst (A)
thirsty (A)
thorn (B)
thread) (C)
thrilled (A)
throat (n) (A)
thrust (n) (C)
thunder (B)
tickle (C)
time is on ones side (B)
time is running out (B)
tip (A)
to billow (C)
to blow (C)
to spew (C)
toilet/latrine (C)
too late (B)
tool (A)
torch (A)
torment (C)
torture (C)
tough (B)
* track (A)
trade (A)
tradition (A)
trail (A)
trample (C)
tranquil (C)
treat (C)
tremble (A)
trend (C)
tribe (A)
trick (C)
trip (v.) (B)
trouble (C)
trough (for fali) (C)
truce (C)
trust (n. or v.) (A)
tumult (C)
type (A)
types and nature of fire and flames (A)
typical (A)
un- (B)
unborn child (C)
uncooked (B)
undecided (B)
under pressure (B)
underbrush (A)
undergrowth (A)
undo (B)
unexpected (B)
* unfamiliar (B)
unholy (B)
unholy place (B)
unite (C)
unsolved problem (B)
unusual (C)
unwilling (B)
unyielding (B)
up to date (B)
up-and-down (C)
upbeat (C)
updraft (C)
upland (C)
upload (A)
upper arm vs forearm (C)
upper body (B)
upper leg (thigh) vs lower leg (C)
upwind (C)
urge (C)
urinate (C)
urine (C)
use as ad hoc/improvised tool (C)
use the tail (A)
use up (C)
useful (A)
utensil (A)
v) (B)
vacillate (C)
valley (B)
vapor (B)
various colloquial greetings (C)
various fill sounds (C)
various insults (B)
various relative distance terms (C)
various sounds (B)
vegetable (A)
vertebrates (B)
vertical (C)
vertigo (C)
vessels (C)
victim (B)
view (n) (C)
vindicate (C)
vine (A)
volcano (C)
vomit (C)
waffle (C)
wag ones tail (B)
waist (B)
wake up (A)
walk on all fours (A)
wall (A)
warm (C)
warn (C)
warriors cut (B)
wart (C)
wash away (C)
waste (C)
waterfall (C)
waterproofing (C)
wave (C)
wax (C)
wealthy (C)
weapon(s) (C)
weather (B)
week (B)
weigh (C)
weight (C)
well done (B)
well-known (C)
west (C)
wet (A)
which are not mammals (C)
which walk on their (six) legs (B)
whisker etc. (C)
whisper (A)
whistle (B)
wide (A)
widow (C)
wild (C)
wilt (C)
win (v) (B)
window (C)
wish (v) (B)
withdraw (C)
wonder (v.) (A)
wonder(ment) (C)
wood (A)
wooden (A)
workspace (C)
worm (ngawng) (C)
worried (also n.) (A)
worry (B)
worth (n (B)
wound (B)
wounded psyche (C)
wrap (A)
wrestle (B)
wrinkle (B)
wrist (C)
wúnài (B)
yarn (v and n) (A)
yawn (C)
yell (A)
you suck (B)
young animal (in general) (B)
youre welcome (A)
yucky (A)
zenith (C)
zit (C)
お疲れさま (honorable tiredness) (C)
ご苦労さま (honorable suffering/hardship/pain/anxiety) (C)
だるい (darui) (C)
ガッカリする (C)
倒れる (C)
反対 (C)
消極的 (C)
積極的 (C)
苦手 (nigate) (C)