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! Na'vi
! Na'vi
| Our Father who is in the heavens
| Our Father who are in the heavens
| Ma Sempul ayoeyä a lu sawmì
| Ma Sempul ayoeyä a lu sawmì

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The Lord's Prayer, used by Christians throughout the Universe, is an expansion on Matthew 6:9b-13

English Na'vi
Our Father who are in the heavens Ma Sempul ayoeyä a lu sawmì
Sacred be your name Ngengeyä tstxo swok livu
May your world come Ziva'u kifkey Ngengeyä
May your desires be done Livu hasey sìnew Ngengeyä
In this world, as (this thing is) in the heavens Fìkifkeymì, na fì'u sawmì lu
(May You) give us today our daily meal ("dinner") Tivìng ayoeru ayoeyä wutsot letrr fìtrr
And may there be forgiveness for us regarding our mistakes Ulte livu ayoeru txoa ayoeyä keyeyri
As (because) from us there is forgiveness for those who err regarding us Taweyka ayoeta lu txoa tuteru a kxeyey si ayoeri
And do not guide us away from the path Ulte fya'oftu ayoeti ke fyawivìntxu neto
But release us from evil Slä ayoeti livonu tìkawngur
For (because) the world, the power, and the honor (all) are Yours Taluna lu kifkey sì tìtxur sì meuia Ngengaru nìwotx
Now and for all time Set frakrrsì
Amen (truthfully) Nìngay


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