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Welcome to the Learn Na'vi Wiki!

We're always looking for editing help. If you'd like an account, please post in this forum page with the account name you'd like, and someone will create a wiki account for you.

— Aug 3, 2019

First steps:

If you are just starting to learn the Na'vi language, we suggest you start here:

More Resources for Beginners:

You may also find the following pages helpful:

Join the Community:

You can be a part of the Na'vi speakers and learners community!

Linguistic Research and Analysis:

The Learn Na'vi community's ongoing efforts to analyze the language are documented here:

The Creators:

You may be interested to read a bit more about the people who created the Na'vi language:

Help Out:

And finally, you can help improve this wiki to better serve the community and learners like yourself!

Irayo, ulte Eywa ngahu.

Thank you, and Eywa be with you.