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  • |comments=do we go w human flavors, salt sour bitter sweet savory? strong mild? picante? do we combine
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  • ...the name of the individual stripes, but something like the equivalent of a human "fingerprint" (the unique pattern of the face that belongs to each individu |comments=This word tends to cover a lot of semantic range in many Human languages, or may be highly specialized among herding cultures. Include pl
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  • people around some forms of medication. They could alter the way the human brain works, even guarding it into a a number of level.
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  • |ex1=Finally! I thought the Human anthropologists would never leave.
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  • The Na'vi language contains sounds that are uncommon in human languages, some of which are particularly tricky for English speakers to pr
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  • effects caused by the diffraction of light in the atmosphere; common in human speech and of significance in romance and poetry ...=A word that describes connection between plants on Pandora that forms the being Eywa.
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  • ...mime" (擬態語/擬情語) lit: mind is in a state of "bikkuri" with the sound itself being something akin to the sound of the shock reverberating in the mind/brain or |ex1=a sense of not being so close to the clan, or connected to others. This feeling might be queue r
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  • Sky Person; human (n) <br /> sickness (state of being sick) (n) <br />
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  • ...while until eventually a Punjabi melody engaged in and both of us ended up being controller each of our needs to help definitely not party into it, in addit ...anticipating me to help clutch i465 black their mind among the lowers leg being he try to eat my own vagina.
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  • IMDB link]) contains numerous examples of both human and Na'vi characters speaking in Na'vi. Some of the Na'vi dialog is subtit ...that "create" is transitive: you bring something, the object created, into being.) The a is just the usual "modifying a," as in the adjective examples above
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