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I thought Mary deserved a Na'vi prayer too so I made a start... User:EMIBH

Very nice! My thoughts turn immediately to the Greek New Testament and the Latin Bible from which this comes. Technically, it is "Hail Mary" - as in the imperative verb, which would be <iv> in Na'vi, but the usage is more like a simple "Kaltxì, ma Maria."
"grace" could be "tìtstunwi", which I think is closest.
Among the Bible translators, we've been using Yawä for God/LORD and I think that would fit here. For Catholics, there is the separate "Our Father"/Lord's Prayer
I've wanted a separate word for "blessed" but we're already seen K.Pawl use meuia, so I think we should go with that here.
maybe tìkxey siyu for sinner?
Isn't it "the time when we die?" --Eltu Lefngap Makto 17:43, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
I guess I translated "Hail Mary" from Dutch: "Wees gegroet Maria" ~ "Be greeted Mary". But the simple version is good enough.
For "grace" I would say txoa - forgiveness. (Again Dutch: "vol van genade" ~ "full of grace/forgiveness".)
Hmm, yeah, we could translate LORD with Yawä here.
meuia would then become meuia seri, right?
tìkxey siyu seems fine for now, maybe we'll find something else later... User:EMIBH