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So, do we just bring in the words we'd like to see, or how do we decide what to include? Should we just add the lemmas for now in case others disagree, or make complete entries? Roger 02:49, 6 March 2010 (UTC)

Roger working list

I'm starting to collect basic words from multilingual (European) dictionaries (& things they remind me of) because I think we may overlook a lot of useful but unremarkable basic everyday words. These are not from the forum. Please compact/hide this if there is an appropriate template on this wiki.

to call one's banshee (hey, Kobon has a single verb used for all sound w the exception of calling a pig, which is a special verb)

belt, girdle

hum, buzz

to wound, damage

a wound, ulcer

kindling, firewood

veil, to veil, to hide, conceil

vomit, nausea




roll up

turn around

wind, twist, braid

willingly (G. gern)




to wipe

virtue, honor

vitriol, hate



dried berries/raisins?


awake, vigilant, aware

rank (social)

row, series, line


meat = muscle flesh

meat = substance





canteen, water bladder

bet, wager

wart, mole

vertical, horizontal

inclusive, exclusive (in counting)

spine, vertebra

spine, thorn

crown of head

nape of neck


entryway, vestibule

dizziness, vertigo

verse, poetry, prose, story

rod, switch

compose (song, poem)

ventilate (passive, an open room), to fan (active)

dry (s.t. gotten wet)

dry (after a swim)

dry (meat, fruit, etc.)

moss (ground, trees), lichen (rocks, trees), mold, algae

seaweed, sea/lake grass (underwater pasture)

conquer, defeat

avenge, vengeance

buy, sell, barter, exchange, negotiate

yoke, harness, pole carried on shoulders w buckets or baskets at each end

bucket (water basket)

fade, wilt

waken, arouse

woe! alas! oy ve!

wad, ~cotton used to fill in or pad s.t.

opposite, facing, on the other side, on the other bank/shore ()

grow (of plants), "vegetate"

bear fruit, go to seed

vast, wide open

enclosed, hidden, in-forest

vassal, slave, servant

nurse (take care of sick, elderly)

vain, frivolous

vain, conceited

in vain, useless


serious (not joking)

serious (grave, deadly, important)

fat, oil, grease ()

fat, oil, grease ()

fat, oil, grease ()


to sew, stitch

string, thread





waggon, sled, s.t. (w/o wheels?) pulled behind person or horse


use up, wear out, finish off

abuse, over use, take advantage of

take advantage of = seize oportunity

useful, handy

noxious (gas)

Fr. nuisible, opp. of 'useful'



common = universal

common = frequent

common = banal, mediocre, vulgar




claw, nail


whole = intact

whole = all

cough, sneeze, hiccup?

tear (from weeping)

to tear, rip, shred

cup, drinking vessel

eating utensils

tumult, chaos, melee






walk/run of person, trot/gallop of horse, flutter/soar

cheat, deceive?

too much (as opposed to 'very much')

to knit vs. to weave

treasure, precious

drag, trail

to train (excercise, learn, & master, of person or beast)

to train a plant (get it to grow as you want)

tremble (w fear, w cold)

a club

trachea/wind pipe

characteristic s.t. of a face etc.: that thing which distinguishes one from another, which makes a person's face memorable

trait (of a plant, animal, etc.), notable characteristic

join up, fall in with

hit a target


through air vs. through water vs. through forest vs. through the plains vs. bore through wood vs. arrow through a body

hole which you can see through vs. pit/cavity which you cannot

knapsack, day pack

clip, trim, sheer

tolerate, put up with (annoyance, idiot, bad behavior)

tolerate = deal with well (illness, poison, climate)

title (tsahik, etc.)

clank, jingle

click, creek

chink = hole in armor



desire, hunger, thist

tired = fatigued

tired = sleepy (= desire for sleep?)

such a (kind of: that kind of, no kind of, what kind of)

thesis, point, moral, lesson

shell, peel, bark, integument, skin

testimony, witness

fear, terror

isthmus (neck of land?), island, peninsula, cape, cove, bay

to bury

to tempt


hold up, make s.o. late

intrude, invite oneself

bewitch, hex, curse

cure, bless


provoke, taunt

make fun of, laugh at

laugh with, banter

to fit, be appropriate, suitable

tally (keeping track, count)

toss, throw

swing (a club), swipe

swing (from the trees)

to match-make, arrange a marriage


pour (liquid vs. solid)

to suspect

be surprised (good vs bad way = infix?); to surprise, startle, scare

lame, deaf, mute, blind

surface (of water, top of forest, of cliff)

suppose, infer, conclude

soup, stew

furrow, creavase, crack

debt, owe, reciprocate, pay back



succeed, fail

to suck, siphon

melt, evaporate, disolve

sudden, unexpected

sudden, fast

step, stair, ladder

to paint (a face, body for war/initiation, a wall, picture)

paint, pigments

study, learn, student

immitate, mimic

stripe, streak, band

to bend

to straighten

to stretch

to strain


to squint, to strain the eyes, ears to perceive

a block, log, doorstop

a broom? rake?

a style (of a particular artist, orator, tribe)

a rattle

to lie prone, supine, on the side, to stretch out, extend

to cover (obj = the land, a body, a wall)

to stretch & yawn

to stretch s.t. flexible

to steal (thief)

to sneak, steal up on, stalk

a pole

flag, banner, tribal ID

to spit

to eject mucus ("spit" w the nose)


"sleep" (eye booger)

to spy on, observe while unobserved

to spin thread

to spin (v.i.)

head of grain, ear of corn, spike of flowers or fruit

spice (for food)


mirror? (= looking-REFL glass)

spend (ammunition, reserves, good will, debt owed to one by others one has done favors for)

a favour (altruistic act vs. a kindness or aid to be repaid)

convenient, a convenience

kind, good hearted

be thrifty, sparing

be selfish, greedy

a species or kind

a room in a house

room = sufficient space

wild = not tame, not bonded (animal)

wild = crazy, exuberant, unpredictable

fate, change, luck, destiny

to serve, be of use, be useful

to absorb, soak up, blot

to sip

to sigh over, long for

to miss, be nostalgic

to sound (emit a sound)

to loosen

to tighten

threshold, limit


sober vs. drunk/intoxicated (w alcohol, power, lust, revenge, love)

to smear, daub

to poison an arrow

to kiss (not a Na'vi custom)

a key (metaphorical sense: the thing or clue which unravels a problem, or the element needed to accomplish a task)

a problem

a solution

a duty, task


a scale (on an animal's body)

a scourge

wood-working tools: chisel, hammer, knife, drill, plane, etc. to make bows, looms, etc.

to carve, to sculpt

to shake (vt)

to scrape a surface

vial, box, case (for the tsahik to hold her herbs, a hunter for his arrow poison, etc.)

a scab (on a wound)

a scar (from a wound; != as tribal marking?)

to stand guard, watch


simple, complicated; easy, difficult

a signal

a metaphor

to seal

to besiege

a token, mark, sign, symbol

to hiss (animal, in warning)

to wizz, swoosh (arrow flying by)

to joke

to humor s.o.

to play a practical joke

to disect, cut up a carcass

to carry a carcass home (across the shoulders, on a pole)

fat, grease, oil

to save (rescue)

to save (keep, put aside)

foam, bubbles, lather

to sate

to saturate

to neglect, ignore

to be ignorant of

to esteem, respect

to load (a pa'li)

to charge (animal, in war: already have?)

to trample (titanothere)

healthy, ill

wise, foolish

to greet, show respect


crafty, cunning, sly