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'''{{{n}}}''' ''({{{priority}}})'' [{{{url|}}}]
'''{{{n}}}''' ''({{{priority}}})''

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{{{n}}} ({{{priority}}})

This is a blunt template to mark up requested words for the Lexical Expansion Project.

{{lep|n=a, b, c
|ex1=This is good.
|ex2=This isn't.
|comments=I'm not so sure this is a ''good'' idea.

Note that all parameters' data must exist on the same line. That is, you cannot add newlines between text of a single parameter.

The n parameter is the lemma, which can be either a single word, or a series of brief definitions.

The priority parameter must be one of A, B or C.

There may be three example parameters, ex1, ex2 and ex3.

The comments are for any additional notes that need to be added.