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{{{n}}} ({{{priority}}})

This is a blunt template to mark up requested words for the Lexical Expansion Project.

{{lep|n=a, b, c
|ex1=This is good.
|ex2=This isn't.
|comments=I'm not so sure this is a ''good'' idea.

Note that all parameters' data must exist on the same line. That is, you cannot add newlines between text of a single parameter.

The n parameter is the lemma, which can be either a single word, or a series of brief definitions. Please use commas to separate senses, not other punctuation which confuses the PDF indexing horribly.

The priority parameter must be one of A, B or C.

There may be three example parameters, ex1, ex2 and ex3.

The comments are for any additional notes that need to be added. The comments and examples parameters are not required.

Please, do not alter this template without consulting Wm first. Other programs besides this wiki need to parse the template. Please stick to simple text as much as possible (i.e., please, I beg you, no tables). Avoid square brackets [like this] unless they are for links.