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(1) Not Pandoran.
(1) Not Pandoran.

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The characters in the movie are Terran animals. The Na'vi don't know anything about them so we have to find an equivalent on Pandora. Here are the translations of the animals mentioned in the movie (the parts translated so far/in order of appearance):

Lion - Palulukan - Thanator
Leopard - Nantang - Viperwolf
Ant - Eltungawng - Brain Worm
Antelope - Yerik - Hexapede
Bee - hì'ang - Insect
Baboon - Yerik - Hexapede
Giraffe - Tsyìräfi - Giraffe (1)
Elephant - Talioang - Sturmbeest
Cheeta - Nantang - Viperwolf
Hyena - Nantang - Viperwolf
Monkey - Syaksyuk - Prolemuris

(1) Not Pandoran.

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