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grooming each other (C)

Do the Na'vi groom each other as humans and chimps do? either for picking off parasites or for social bonding?

put on, don (A)

I will put on my flying goggles.
Some languages distinguish how one puts on clothing by the nature of action required to accomplish it [1].

footwear, shoes (C)

Is there nowhere on Pandora where footwear isn't required?

armband (C)

as Neytiri wore

loincloth (C)

as all the Na'vi wear

belt (C)

Which holds the loincloth on.

needle (C)

Is that thing Mo'at jabbed Jake with the same sort of word?

jewelry, ornaments, decorations (C)

earrings, tiaras, plumes etc.

cloth, textiles (A)

The most generic term.

clothes, clothing, attire (A)

general term

braid (n. and v.) (B)

si construct?

warrior's cut, mohawk (B)

partially shaved head, hairstyle worn by hunters and warriors

comb, brush (C)

Noun and verb both for dealing with hair.

adorn (C)

I am careful to adorn myself well in the morning.
Different words for ceremonial vs. day-to-day adornment?

bead (C)

We make these white beads with yerik bone.

earring (C)

As Neytiri wears.

necklace (C)

Neytiri made Jake's necklace (more like chokers) for him.

clothed (C)

nude, naked (C)

spin (fibers, thread) (C)

If this isn't the sense of kìm (in which case we need spin around).