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Lexical Expansion Project

Unless you are a designated editor, please do not edit this page. You may comment in the discussion page, or make your comments in the forum. This page is the working space of the editors.

This is a list of the English glosses of Na'vi words known as of March 10, 2010. This includes many words that have not yet been made public. This is here to help us not ask for words which already exist.

Clan Leader (n)
Dream Hunt (n)
Earth (n)
English (pos)
English language (n)
Forest (n)
Got it. I understand. (conv)
I (pro)
I (deferential or ceremonial form) (pro)
Isn't that so? Right? No? (conv)
Pandora (= child of Eywa) (n)
Sacred River (n)
Screw that! No way! (vulgar) (conv)
See (spiritual sense) (v)
Sky Person; human (n)
Tree of Souls (n)
Tree of Voices (n)
Tsahik, matriarch (n)
about, concerning (adp-)
above (adp-)
acknowledgment of guilt and regret (conv)
across (adp-)
add (v)
after (time adv.), afterwards (adv)
after (time) (adp-)
again (adv)
against (as in: fight against) (adp+)
agree (v)
aim (v.) (v)
aim, goal, purpose, target (n)
air (n)
alarm cry; call to defense (conv)
alien (adj.) (adj)
alien (n.) (n)
alive, living, living thing (adj, n)
all (of), in toto, completely (adv)
allow (v)
almost (adv)
alone (as one person) (adv)
also (adv)
although (conj)
always (adv)
among (adp-)
amount (n)
ancestor (n)
and (conj)
and (clausal conjunction) (conj)
anger (n)
anger, make someone angry (v)
angry (=be angry) (v)
angry snarl (conv)
animal, beast (n)
answer, respond (v)
answer, response (n)
apologize (v)
apology (n)
apparently (adv)
appearance (n)
approach (v)
arm (n)
around (adp-)
arrival (n)
arrive (v)
arrow (n)
art (n)
artist (n)
as ( = same way as) (conj)
as you know, as is known (adv)
ask (v)
ass, rear end (n)
at (adp+)
atokirina, seeds of the great tree (n)
attack (v)
avatar; dreamwalker body (n)
awake (adj)
away (direction) (adv)
away (position) (adv)
baby, infant (n)
back (direction) (adv)
back down (v)
back, in response, in answer (adv)
bad, evil (adj)
badge (n)
ball (n)
banshee (flying mount) (n)
barricade, obstruction (n)
be (am, is, are) (v)
be at, occupy a space (v)
be responsible (v)
beat (rhythmic) (n)
beautiful, pleasant to the senses (adj)
beauty (n)
because (conj)
become (v)
beetle larva(e) (n)
before (time adv.) (adv)
before (time) (adp+)
before, in front of (place) (adp-)
begin, start (intrans.) (v)
beginning, start time (n)
behind (adp-)
believe (v)
beloved (adj)
below (adp-)
best (adj)
betray (v)
between (adp-)
big (in size or stature), tall (adj)
bind (v)
bird (n)
bit, small amount (n)
bite (v)
black (adj)
blind (adj)
blood (n)
blue flower (n)
blue, green (adj)
body (n)
bond (neural connection) (n)
bond with, establish a neural connection (v)
book (n)
boom (onom)
bottom (n)
bow (weapon) (n)
bow and arrow (n)
brain (n)
brainworm (n)
branch (of a tree) (n)
brave (adj)
bring (v)
broken (adj)
brother (n)
bud (n)
build, construct (v)
burn, consume (v)
but (conj)
by, via, following (adp+)
call (v)
calm (adj)
camp (n.) (n)
camp (v.) (v)
camping (n)
can, be able (v)
captive (n)
capture (v)
cause (n)
celebration, happy occasion (n)
center ( = place in the middle) (n)
challenge (ceremonial) (n)
chance, opportunity (n)
change (v)
charge, running attack (n)
chat, converse, have a conversation (v)
child (n)
chin (n)
choice (n)
choose (v)
clan (n)
clean (adj)
clear, certain (adj)
clearly (adv)
clever, smart (for a thing) (adj)
cliff (n)
close (v)
close to (adp-)
closed, shut (adj)
club (weapon) (n)
cold (adj)
colleague (n)
color (n)
come (v)
commune (v)
complete (adj)
computer (n)
construction, constructed thing (n)
continually (adv)
continuously, without stopping (adv)
conversation, discussion (n)
cook (v)
cord (n)
correct, right (adj)
cover (v)
cover, lid (n)
create (v)
creation (n)
creator (n)
creature (n)
crossbow (n)
cry, weep (v)
cup (n)
cut (v)
daddy (n)
daily (adv)
dance (v)
danger (n)
dangerous (adj)
dark (adj)
darkness (n)
daughter (n)
day (n)
dead (adj)
death (n)
decide (v)
decision (n)
demon (n)
descend (v)
destroy (v)
destruction (n)
die (v)
different (adj)
dig up (v)
dim (of a person) (adj)
dinner, served meal (n)
direhorse (n)
dirty (adj)
dive, duck (verb) (v)
do not (imp)
do, make (v)
doctor (n)
done, finished (adj)
down (direction) (adv)
draw (v)
dream (n)
dreamwalker (n)
drink (v)
drive out (v)
drop (v)
drum (made of skin) (n)
dry (adj)
dull (as a blade) (adj)
ear (n)
easily (adv)
easy, simple (adj)
eat (v)
eight (octal: 10) (num)
eighth (adj)
elbow (n)
eleven (octal: 13) (num)
eleventh (adj)
end, conclude (v)
enemy (n)
enough (after an adjective) (adv)
enter (v)
error, mistake (n)
evening (n)
every day (adv)
every night (adv)
everyone (pro)
everything (pro)
everywhere (adv)
evil (n)
examine, check (v)
example (n)
excellent (adj)
except (adp-)
excessive (adj)
exclamation of consternation (conv)
exclamation upon exertion (conv)
explain (why) (v)
explode (v)
expression of surprise and pleasure (conv)
expression of warning or frustration (conv)
eye (n)
eyes (two) (n)
face (n)
fall (v)
false (adj)
family (n)
far (= be far) (v)
far away, at a distance (adv)
fast (adv)
fasten, tie down (v)
fate (n)
father (n)
favorable, auspicious (adj)
fear (n)
feed (v)
feel, sense, perceive (v)
female (person) (n)
few (adj)
field, open terrain (n)
fifteen (octal: 17) (num)
fifteenth (adj)
fifth (adj)
fifty-six (octal: 70) (num)
fight (v)
find, discover (v)
finger (n)
fire (n)
first (adv)
fish (n)
five (num)
flour (n)
flower (n)
fly (v)
follow, proceed after (v)
food (n)
foot (n)
for (the benefit or sake of) (adp+)
forbidden (adj)
forgiveness (n)
forty (octal: 50) (num)
forty-eight (octal: 60) (num)
four (num)
fourteen (octal: 16) (num)
fourteenth (adj)
fourth (adj)
fresh, appealing as food (adj)
friend (n)
friendship (n)
from (direction) (adp-)
from (various uses) (adp-)
from above (adv)
from among (adp-)
from up among (adp- )
front (part or section) (n)
full (adj)
fungus (n)
funny (strange) (adj)
future (n)
game (n)
garbage (n)
garbage dump (n)
get down! (lit. "to the ground!"")" (phrs)
get to a place, arrive (v)
give (v)
go (v)
good (adj)
goodbye, Eywa (be) with you (conv)
goodbye, see you again soon (conv)
grab (v)
grant (v)
great (in quantity); much (adj)
great leonopteryx (n)
great person (n)
great, noble (adj)
greed (n)
greedy (adj)
ground (n)
group of people, party (n)
grow (v)
guidance (n)
guide (v)
gunship (n)
hair (n)
halt (v)
hammerhead (animal) (n)
hand (n)
happen, occur (v)
happy, peaceful, joyous (not for people) (adj)
hard (adj)
harm (n)
harmonious (adj)
harmony, living at one with nature (n)
hateful (adj)
he (pro)
he, she (pro)
head (n)
health (physical) (n)
healthy (adj)
hear (v)
heart (n)
heed, obey (v)
hellfire wasp (n)
hello (conv)
help, assistance (n)
here, this place (adv)
hero (n)
hexapede (n)
high (adj)
hold off, suspend action (v)
home, house (n)
honor (n)
hope (v)
hot (adj)
how 1 (q)
how 2 (q)
how many (1) (q)
how many (2) (q)
how much (1) (q)
how much (2) (q)
however (adv)
howl, viperwolf cry (n)
hunt (v)
hunter (n)
hurry (v)
hurt (someone or something) (v)
hurt, be painful (v)
idea, thought (n)
if (conj)
if not, or else, otherwise (conj)
image, picture (n)
impossible (adj)
in (adp+)
individuality (neg. connotation); selfishness (n)
insane, crazy (adj)
insanity (n)
insect (n)
inside (n, adv)
instead of, rather than (conj)
intelligence (n)
intelligently, in a smart way (adv)
interpret (v)
interrogative marker for yes-no questions (adv)
into (adp-)
itch (v)
join (two things together) (v)
joint, hinge (n)
journey (n)
jump (v)
keep up with someone (v)
kid (affectionate form of "child"")" (n)
kill (v)
kiss (v)
knee (n)
knife (n)
know (v)
lake (n)
land (n)
language (n)
large (adj)
last night (adv)
last, final (adj)
laugh (v)
lead (v)
leader (n)
leaf (n)
learn (v)
leave, abandon (v)
leave, depart (v)
left (not right) (adj)
leg (n)
level (adj)
life (n)
light (n)
like us, as we do (pron. nayweng) (adv)
like, as (adp-)
likewise, too, as well (adv)
lip (n)
listen (usually pron.: t“m mikyun) (v)
little, small (in size) (adj)
live (v)
live, dwell (v)
long (physical length) (adj)
longer (time) (adv)
look (usually pron.: t“n nari) (v)
look at (v)
look for, seek (v)
lose (v)
lose oneself (spiritual sense) (v)
loud (adj)
love (n)
loved one (n)
low (adj)
lung (n)
male (person) (n)
mantis (insect) (n)
many (adj)
mate (with someone) (v)
mated (adj)
mating, Na'vi marriage (n)
matter (subject) (n)
matter, be of import (v)
may, be possible (v)
meaning (n)
meat (n)
medusa (animal) (n)
meeting (n)
memory, remembrance (n)
message (n)
metal (n)
metallic (adj)
middle, midpoint (n)
mighty (adj)
mind (n)
model, represent, exemplify (v)
moment (n)
mommy (n)
more (adv)
moron, idiot (n)
moss (n)
mother (n)
mouth (n)
move (something) (v)
move, shift position (v)
much, very (adv)
music (n)
musician (n)
must (v)
must not (root sense) (v)
name (n)
near (= be near) (v)
nearby, at close range (adv)
necessary (adj)
neck (n)
need (v)
never (adv)
nevertheless, even so (adv)
new (adj)
news, something to report (n)
night (n)
nine (octal: 11) (num)
ninth (adj)
no (adv)
no (before a noun) (adj)
no one (pro)
nose (n)
not (adv)
not a bit, not at all (adv)
nothing (pro)
nothing at all, not at all (adv)
noun (n)
now (adv)
number (n)
offense, insult (n)
often (adv)
old (not for people), former (adj)
old, aged (for living things) (adj)
on, onto (?) (adp-)
once (adv)
one (num)
one (pronoun); unspecified agent (pro)
one individual (pro)
only (adv)
open (v)
or (conj)
other (adj)
other one (person or thing) (pro)
out there (adv)
outside (n, adv)
overabundance (n)
pain (n)
painful (adj)
part (n)
particle for continuation (part)
particle for direct address; oh (part)
particle for disparagement (part)
particle for soliciting agreement (part)
particle for surprise, exclamation, encouragement (part)
particle used in full names (part)
pass (a test) (v)
pass by (something) (v)
passionate (adj)
passionately, with all heart (adv)
past (n)
path, way; manner (n)
pattern (n)
pay attention, quit goofing off (v)
peel (v)
perhaps, maybe (adv)
perimeter, circumference, border (n)
person (n)
place (n)
plant (n.) (n)
play (v)
please (conv)
pleasing, enjoyable (adj)
pleasurable (of an activity) (adj)
pleasure (n)
poison (n)
position (n)
possible (adj)
powerful (adj)
prefer (v)
preparations, plan (n)
prepare (v)
present (n)
pretty (adj)
probable; probably (adj, adv)
proceed, go (v)
produce (v)
promise (a thing to someone) (v)
propel (v)
proper, fair, right, justified (adj)
prophecy (n)
prophesize (v)
protect, shelter (v)
protection (n)
pull (v)
push (v)
put, place (v)
question (n)
quiet (= be quiet) (v)
quiet, silence (n)
rain (n)
ready (adj)
rear (part or section) (n)
reason (n)
receive (v)
red, orange (adj)
refuse (to do something) (v)
release, let go (v)
remain, stay (v)
request (n)
rest (v)
restore (v)
return (intrans.) (v)
rhythm (n)
ride (v)
ride out (v)
right (not left) (adj)
river (n)
rock, stone (n)
root (n)
rule, guideline (n)
run (v)
rush something, make something fast (v)
sacred (adj)
sacred place (n)
safe (adj)
safe place, refuge (n)
safely (adv)
same, equal (adj)
save, defend (v)
saying; quote (adv)
school (n)
scream (v)
sea, ocean (n)
second (adj)
second, very short time (n)
see (physical sense) (v)
seed (n)
seem, appear (v)
send (v)
service (n)
seven (num)
seventeen (octal: 21) (num)
seventeenth (adj)
seventh (adj)
sharp (adj)
she (pro)
shoot (intrans.) (v)
shoot (trans.) (v)
short (of time) (adj)
show (v)
sibling (n)
sick (adj)
sickness (disease) (n)
sickness (state of being sick) (n)
side (n)
sign, omen (n)
sing (v)
sister (n)
six (num)
sixteen (octal: 20) (num)
sixteenth (adj)
sixth (adj)
sixty-four (octal: 100) (num)
size (n)
skin (n)
sky (n)
skyship, space vehicle (n)
sleep (v)
slow (adj)
slowly (adv)
small (in quantity) (adj)
small amount, a bit (adv)
smart, intelligent (for a person) (adj)
smell (n)
smile (n)
smoke (n)
so (= in that case) (adv)
so that (conj)
so that not, lest (conj)
so, to such an extent (adv)
soft (of a sound) (adj)
soft (of an object) (adj)
someone (pro)
something (pro)
somewhere (pro)
son (n)
song (n)
songcord (n)
soon (adv)
soul (n)
sound (n)
source (n)
speak (v)
spear (n)
spin (v)
spiral (n)
spirit (n)
spirit animal (n)
spirit path (n)
spread, proliferate (v)
squad, military clan, battle party (n)
squirt (v)
stairway to heaven (n)
stand (v)
star (n)
still (= as before) (adv)
sting (v)
stingbat (n)
stomach (n)
stop (v)
stopping (n)
story (n)
straight (adj)
strange, unfamiliar, unknown (adj)
stream (n)
strength, power (n)
strike, hit (v)
stringed instrument (n)
strong (adj)
study (v)
sturmbeast (n)
succeed (v)
suffice, "do""; OK" (v, conv)
sun (n)
supplies (n)
sustain (v)
sweet (adj)
tail (n)
take, bring (v)
take/consume time (v)
teach (v)
teacher (n)
teaching, instruction (n)
tell (v)
ten (octal: 12) (num)
tenth (adj)
territory (n)
test (v)
than all; superlative marker (piv)
than; comparative marker; comparatively (piv)
thanator (n)
thank you (conv)
that (= f“'uri a) (conj)
that (= f“Õu a) (conj)
that (= f“Õut a) (conj)
that (action) (pro)
that (after ftu only) (pro)
that (conjunction) (conj)
that (thing) (pro)
that person (pro)
that way, like that (adv)
that, it (as intransitive subject) (pro)
that, it (as object) (pro)
that, it (as transitive subject) (pro)
then, at that time (adv)
there, that place (adv)
therefore, because of that (adv)
they (pro)
they (those two) (pro)
thing (action), deed (n)
thing (object, fact, abstraction) (n)
think (v)
third (adj)
thirteen (octal: 15) (num)
thirteenth (adj)
thirty-two (octal: 40) (num)
this (action) (pro)
this (thing) (pro)
this one (person or thing) (pro)
this way, like this (adv)
thought pattern, way of thinking (n)
thread (n)
threatening cry (conv)
three (num)
throat (n)
through (via the middle of) (adp-)
throw (v)
time (n)
tired (adj)
to (direction) (adp-)
to the others (contraction of aylaheru) (n)
today (adv)
toe (n)
together (adv)
tomorrow (adv)
tomorrow night (adv)
tongue (n)
tonight (adv)
too, excessively (adv)
tooth (n)
top (n)
totality, whole (n)
touch (v)
track, follow, lock up (v)
training, exercise (n)
trap (v.) (v)
travel (v)
treachery (n)
tree (n)
true (adj)
truly (adv)
trunk (of a tree) (n)
truth (n)
try, attempt (v)
turn (v)
twelfth (adj)
twelve (octal: 14) (num)
twenty-four (octal: 30) (num)
two (num)
understand (v)
understanding, intelligence (n)
unfold, blossom (v)
unhappy, upset; How sad! (adj, conv)
unhealthy (adj)
unpleasant to the senses (adj)
unquote (adv)
until (conj)
up (direction) (adv)
up among (adp-)
up to (adp-)
use (v)
valid (adj)
verb (n)
village (n)
viperwolf (n)
vision (spiritual) (n)
visit (v)
visitor, guest (n)
visual art (n)
voice (n)
wait, wait for (v)
walk (v)
want (v)
war (n)
war cry (conv)
war party (n)
warrior (n)
wash (v)
watch out, be careful (v)
water, liquid (n)
we (exclusive) (pro)
we (inclusive) (pro)
we two (exclusive) (pro)
we two (you and I) (pro)
weak (adj)
weave (v)
weaver (n)
well (n)
well (sentence opener) (conv)
well-being; peace; happiness (n)
what (action) 1 (q)
what (action) 2 (q)
what (before or after a noun) (q)
what (thing) 1 (q)
what (thing) 2 (q)
what (word, utterance) 1 (q)
what (word, utterance) 2 (q)
when 1 (q)
when 2 (q)
where 1 (q)
where 2 (q)
which, that (pro)
while ( = same time as) (conj)
white (adj)
who 1 (q)
who 2 (q)
why 1 (q)
why 2 (q)
wind (n)
wing (n)
wise, much-knowing (adj)
with (accompaniment) (adp-)
with (by means of) (adp-)
without (adp- )
word (n)
work (v)
world (physical, solid) (n)
worm (n)
worst (adj)
worthy (adj)
write (v)
writing (n)
wrong, incorrect (adj)
yeah (colloq.) (adv)
year (n)
yellow (adj)
yes (adv)
yesterday (adv)
you (pro)
you (honorific form) (pro)
you (pl.) (pro)
young (adj)