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Na'vi Name: Reytx

It would be cool if my name was different in Na'vi, however Reytx is the closest I can get to my last name.

About Me

I'm totally new to the language, and have only limited experience in other languages. It's been hard for me to understand concepts such as dative, and aspects (I'm definitely not a language major). I'm pressing on however, and we'll see what happens. I have my fingers crossed that Frommer will be able to release a more complete compendium in the future. Until then I am using the Pocket Guide and the excellent dictionaries compiled by Taronyu.

Contact Information

Send me a message on the forum. My username is Giawa on both the forum and this wiki.

Learning Checklist (personal)

  • Learn Alphabet and Pronunciation - Done alphabet (pronunciation is a continuous task)
  • Learn Pronouns - Done
  • First Sentence - I see you! (Oe-l nga-ti kam<ei>e) Note: This is where I became hooked!
  • Learn Standard Grammar Rules (not Na'vi, but the rules in general. ex) what does dative mean?) - Done (ERG, ACC, GEN, DAT, TOP)
  • Learn Standard Verb Conjugation Rules (difference between aspect and tense) - Done (FUT, IMM, PRES, REC, PST, PFV, IMFV, SJV)
  • Learn Na'vi Cases - Working on it
  • Learn Na'vi Adpositions - Working on it
  • Learn Na'vi Body Parts - Compiled list (needs memorization)
  • Learn Na'vi Adjectives
  • Learn Na'vi Numbers
  • Learn Na'vi Verb Conjugation - I understand how, but need to continually reference the list. Needs memorization.
  • Learn Na'vi Participle - I'm fuzzy on what this actually means...
  • Learn Na'vi Laudative/Pejorative - Understand (kam<ei>e is a fantastic example) - Needs practice
  • Understand Na'vi lu versus tok - Needs lots of practice
  • Learn Na'vi Questions
  • Changing Parts of Speech (Na'vi Pocket Guide) - Memorize and practice!
  • Repetition, repetition
  • Find people to speak with (Skype anyone?)