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source: Forum: Re: Our Dictionaryquoted by Ftiafpi (16:55 UTC)

  • nu [ˈpæ.nu] (N) promise.
    ... Ngaytxoa, fìpänuti oeyä tswolänga' oel. ...


source: Forum: Losing and registers.quoted by omängum fra'uti (02:56 UTC)

  • tatep [ˈta.tɛp] (Vtr) lose, lose track or awareness of something. ► (forum post).
    "tatep". It means more specifically than just the ambiguous "lose", "lose track or awareness of something".
military register
  • "Tìkan tawnatep!" - target lost
    • The explanation is that this is in a clipped, military register, just as the English translation is.
    • (unattributed passive participle)
  • the shortening of the genitive pronouns: oeyä --> oey [pron. wey], ngeyä --> ngey, etc.


update 2

source: Forum: near, distant, and irregular adverbsquoted by roger (04:29 UTC)

confirmed Adverbs
  • alìm [a.ˈlɪm] (Adv) far away, at a distance.
  • asim [a.ˈsim] (Adv) nearby, at close range.
Ì’awn alìm! "Stay back!"
'Ì'awn nìfya'o a lìm > ? 'Ì'awn nìfya'o alìm > 'Ì'awn alìm
nì+[fya'o a lìm] > nì+[fya'o alìm]

update 1

source: Forum: non-color wordsposted by roger (04:21 UTC)

  • layon [la.ˈjon] (Adj) black.
  • teyr [tɛjɾ] (Adj) white.
  • vawm [vawm] (Adj) dark.
  • vawm [tɪ.ˈvawm] (N) darkness.


source: Forum: Kelutral aKe’awposted by Plumps (09:35 UTC)

  • ke’aw [kɛ.ˈʔaw] (Adj) divided, torn apart, strife-ridden.
  • sti [nɪ.ˈsti] (Adv) angrily.
Re: Kelutral aKe’aw
  • kaw- derived from ke-'aw


source: Forum: History of tsawquoted by NeotrekkerZ (23:31 UTC)

  • tsa’u [ˈʦa.ʔu] (Pron) it (thing) (alternative form: tsaw). ► (History of tsaw).
    1. tsa’ul [ˈʦa.ʔul] (Ergative:) it (alternative form: tsal). inconfirmed
    2. tsa’uä [ˈʦa.ʔuæ] (Genitive:) its (alternative form: tseyä). inconfirmed
    3. tsa’ur [ˈʦa.ʔuɾ] (or) tsa’uru [ˈʦa.ʔu.ɾu] (Dative:) it (alternative form: tsar, tsaru). inconfirmed
    4. tsa’ut [ˈʦa.ʔut] (or) tsa’uti [ˈʦa.ʔu.ti] (Accusative:) it (alternative form: tsat, tsati).
    5. tsa’uri [ˈʦa.ʔu.ɾi] (Topic:) it (alternative form: tsari). inconfirmed
  • tsaw [ʦaw] (Pron) it (thing) (alternative form: tsa’u). ► (History of tsaw).
    1. tsal [ʦal] (Ergative:) it (alternative form: tsa’ul).
    2. tse [ˈʦɛ.jæ] (Genitive:) its (alternative form: tsa’uä).
    3. tsar [ʦaɾ] (or) tsaru [ˈʦa.ɾu] (Dative:) it (alternative form: tsa’ur, tsa’uru).
    4. tsat [ʦat] (or) tsati [ˈʦa.ti] (Accusative:) it (alternative form: tsa’ut, tsa’uti).
    5. tsari [ˈʦa.ɾi] (Topic:) it (alternative form: tsa’uri).


source: Forum: minor confirmation: uvan siquoted by Tirea Aean (27:19 UTC)

  • uvan si [u.ˈvan si] (Vin) play (a game).