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I thought Mary deserved a Na'vi prayer too so I made a start... User:EMIBH

Very nice! My thoughts turn immediately to the Greek New Testament and the Latin Bible from which this comes. Technically, it is "Hail Mary" - as in the imperative verb, which would be <iv> in Na'vi, but the usage is more like a simple "Kaltxì, ma Maria."
"grace" could be "tìtstunwi", which I think is closest.
Among the Bible translators, we've been using Yawä for God/LORD and I think that would fit here. For Catholics, there is the separate "Our Father"/Lord's Prayer
I've wanted a separate word for "blessed" but we're already seen K.Pawl use meuia, so I think we should go with that here.
maybe tìkxey siyu for sinner?
Isn't it "the time when we die?" --Eltu Lefngap Makto 17:43, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
I guess I translated "Hail Mary" from Dutch: "Wees gegroet Maria" ~ "Be greeted Mary". But the simple version is good enough.
For "grace" I would say txoa - forgiveness. (Again Dutch: "vol van genade" ~ "full of grace/forgiveness".)
Hmm, yeah, we could translate LORD with Yawä here.
meuia would then become meuia seri, right?
tìkxey siyu seems fine for now, maybe we'll find something else later...
"the time when we die" Yeah, I didn't know how to express that in Na'vi... User:EMIBH