The Lion King

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On 10-10-2010, Le'eylan of Learn Na'vi forums started translating the Disney animation film The Lion King. On 30-10-2010, Aykerusey mì Terìran came up with the idea of putting Le'eylan's (and other's) lines on the film, turning it into a Na'vi film. On the pages below are the lines translated at the moment.


It is decided that the names of the characters remain untranslated.

Since the characters are all animals, we'll have to translate the species that are mentioned in the movie. See The Lion King: Animals.

Intro Scene

The Circle of Life

Act 1

1. Mouse/Challenge Scene
2. Painting Scene
3. Pouncing Scene
4. Scar tricks Simba Scene
5. Bath Scene
6. Waterhole Scene
7. Elephant Graveyard/Hyena Scene
8. Diciplinary/Stars Scene
9. Be Prepared Scene
10. Stampede Scene
11. Address and Depaint Scene

Act 2

12. Buzzards Scene
13. Hakuna Matata Scene
14. Zazu Sings Scene
15. Second Star Scene
16. Discovery Scene
17. In The Jungle Scene
18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight Scene
19. Mufasa's Ghost Scene
20. Timon and Nala Scene
21. Running Scene

Act 3

22. Ledge Scene
23. Hula Scene
24. Confrontation Scene


The Circle of Life
Just Can't Wait to be King
Hakuna Matata

Missing Words

The Lion King: List of Missing Words

English Script

I used this script for the English lines.

The Lion King Lionkingposter.png
Act 1 Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5Scene 6Scene 7Scene 8Scene 9Scene 10Scene 11
Act 2 Scene 12Scene 13Scene 14Scene 15Scene 16Scene 17Scene 18Scene 19Scene 20Scene 21
Act 3 Scene 22Scene 23Scene 24
Songs Circle of LifeJust Can't Wait to be KingBe PreparedHakuna MatataCan You Feel The Love Tonight
other Missing WordsIntro SceneAnimals